Compendium of the Miraculous: An Encyclopedia of Revelation, Marian Apparitions, and Mystical Phenomena

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Deacon Albert E. Graham
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  • Compendium of the Miraculous: An Encyclopedia of Revelation, Marian Apparitions, and Mystical Phenomena
  • A true treasure that you will turn to again and again
  • A celebrated piece of work for any Catholic home
  • Display as a coffee table book for family and guests to enjoy for years to come

This compendium is the exhaustive encyclopedia of mystical phenomena. A true treasure that every Catholic man, woman, and child will turn to again and again.
 Lovingly and painstakingly compiled over more than a dozen years, this beautiful, fascinating, and informative Compendium of the Miraculous by Deacon Albert E. Graham is a monumental accomplishment and is essential to every Catholic home. 

The Compendium is packed with comprehensive information and revelatory details, including:

•    examples of authentic, questionable, erroneous, false, and fraudulent revelation
•    revelations by Christ and through the saints about heaven, hell, and purgatory
•    brief biographies of many saints, blesseds, and venerables with particular attention paid to their experiences with mystical experiences or phenomena
•    significant attention paid to Marian Apparitions, identifying those that are approved, not approved, or pending a decision
Furthermore, this one-of-a-kind Compendium is overflowing with explanations and examples in the lives of saints of more than 40 types of extraordinary mystical phenomena such as: 
•    Supernatural dreams and visions
•    Bilocation and Invisibility
•    Incorruptibility
•    Gift of Tongues and Prophecy
•    Levitation
•    Supernatural empery over nature
•    . . . and many more

The Compendium of the Miraculous is a book unlike any other: an exhaustive reference guide, an uplifting devotional, and fount of theological knowledge all in one. Every Catholic home deserves a copy.
With a foreword by “the Miracle Hunter” Michael O’Neill, one of the world’s foremost experts on the miraculous, and sealed with the IMPRIMATUR of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC. 

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  • 5 Jul 8th 2020
    Marian Apparitions

    I’m love this book soooo much. It’s beautiful. I’m so happy to have this addition to our home.

    Tara Carter

  • 5 Jun 29th 2020
    Compendium of the Miaculous: An Encyclopeda of Revelation, Marian Apparations and Mystical Phenomena

    Well made, Beautiful artwork and enjoyable biographies of many Saints.

    Paul Parker

  • 5 Jun 29th 2020
    Encyclopedia of Miracles

    A beautiful book. Great information. Lots to read of. Worth buying this book.


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