Confirmation Sponsor Pin and Card

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Confirmation Sponsor Pin and Card

Pin comes on a 3 3/4" x 5 1/2" gift card. Pin measures 3/4" x 1/2".

Card text:
My Confirmation Sponsor
May God bless you for your commitment to walk with me on my spiritual journey, leading by example when the path isn't clear, waiting for me when problems slow my pace, and offering to fly with me when my spirit wants to soar. With this pin, comes my sincere appreciation. As you wear it, may it be a reminder our special relationship and the spiritual journey we share.

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  • 5 Jun 3rd 2016
    Confirmation Sponsor Pin

    Great addition for Uncle Jimmy's thank you card!


  • 4 Mar 16th 2015
    Sponsor Pin

    Nice keepsake gift, packaging very nice!


  • 4 May 13th 2012
    Confirmation Sponsor Pin and Card

    I would purchase this before the Confirmation so that the candidate can give it to their sponsor before the sacrament and wear it. I purchased it after and know that it is a great gift, but I wished I would have given it to my sister sooner.


  • 5 Apr 16th 2012
    Makes the sponsor feel special too

    My mom was my daughter's Confirmation sponsor. My mom appreciated it very much. She loved what the card had to say, I could tell she was close to tears as she read it. It's a nice little way to recognize sponsors. Best Uses: Sponsor gift; Pros: Keep-sake, Thoughtful


  • 4 Feb 21st 2012
    Makes a wonderful gift!

    My daughter wanted to give her grandmother something for being her sponsor and this is what she chose. I think that it's beautiful and I know that my mother-in-law will wear it all the time.


  • 5 Feb 12th 2012
    Nice thank you gift

    This was a very nice memento gift for my child's sponsor. The card was thoughtful and fit inside a greeting card where my child had also written a note.


  • 5 Apr 16th 2010
    A perfect Thank You

    My daughter wanted to give a gift that would express her appreciation for her sponsor and the reasons why she chose her. The pin and accompanying card was the perfect choice. Pros: Attractive pin, Beautiful sentiment, Perfect way to say, Thank You to sponsor


  • 3 Apr 11th 2010
    simple gift

    small, lightweight


  • 4 Mar 25th 2010

    This sponsor card was printed on thicker cardstock which was nice so it did not bend. I am very thankful that offered this. There is not a lot out there for RCIA sponsor gifts. Perfect idea at the right price. Best Uses: Gift to my RCIA sponsor; Pros: Right for the price


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