Bracelet Guide

A bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry because it is always visible to the wearer.  A beautiful Catholic bracelet will always serve as a reminder to the person wearing it of the special occasion on which they received it and the special person who gave it to them.  Here are a few types of bracelets and their functions:



  • Charm Bracelet:  Charm bracelets come in a variety of sizes for children and adults as well as in both sterling silver and gold.  Charm bracelets are a wonderful way to establish a tradition of marking the sacraments and milestones in your child’s life.  Add a charm to her charm bracelet to celebrate each major event, such as First Communion, Confirmation and graduation. 


  • Link Bracelet:  Link bracelets are created from linking several pieces of metal or other materials such as beads or glass together to create one uniform bracelet.  A link bracelet is a creative way to add various components to one design and get a unique looking piece of jewelry.  Many of our hand-made and imported pieces of jewelry are fashioned as link bracelets.


  • Stretch Bracelet:  A stretch bracelet is strung together on a piece of elastic, making it durable and simple to wear.  Stretch bracelets make wonderful First Communion gifts because children are able to take them on and off by themselves.


  • Bangle:  A bangle is a solid piece of medal that is slipped on over the hand with no opening or closure.  Try wearing a bunch of faith based bangles together for a fun look and great conversation starter.


  • Silicone Bracelet:  Silicone bracelets or sport bracelets are very popular amongst school age children and athletes.  Silicone bracelets are extremely pliable; one size fits all and they come in a multitude of bright colors.


  • Rosary Bracelet: A rosary bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry; a rosary bracelet is a wearable rosary to be prayed on.  Each rosary bracelet consists of 10 Hail Mary beads, one Our Father bead and a miniature crucifix and medal, typically the Miraculous medal.  A rosary bracelet should be prayed on like a finger rosary or chaplet, by continuously praying on the same beads over and over until all 5 decades have been said.