Changes to the Roman Missal - 2011

Revisions to the Roman Missal have been in progress for the last nine years, and are now approaching their final stages of completion. The revisions were initiated by Pope John Paul II in the year 2000, and the bishops are currently making final decisions on certain sections of the text. An exact date of implementation however, has not yet been decided.
 The purpose of these revisions is not to introduce a new form of the mass; rather the changes are intended to bring the mass closer to the original Latin text. This revised translation of the Mass should be welcomed, as it offers considerable improvements, both for its accuracy, and for the more dignified language. The new missal communicates a strong emphasis on the sacredness of the Mass, and our unremitting dependence on God. 
Among the changes being made will include the implementation of the New Revised Standard Version of the bible in place of the New American Bible currently in use for the lectionary text. The NRSV is a translation that adheres more closely to the ancient texts, while remaining clear and understandable. Also, the reformed mass will see changes to the order of the Mass, both to the Assembly’s parts as well at the Priest’s parts.   To view and prepare for the changes soon to be made, you may visit the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops at the following link: