Necklace Guide

The right necklace can light up a woman’s face.  When looking to buy a necklace for a woman take into account her personal tastes and style.  The right necklace will help to make her look her best and feel good too!  Here are some common types of necklaces and how to wear them:



  • Collar Necklace: A collar necklace ranges in length from 12 to 16 inches, and will best show off a long slender neck.  Collar necklaces and chains rest just above the collarbone and should be paired with small or petite charms and pendants. 


  • Princess length:  A princess length necklace typically measures 17 to 19 inches.  Princess length necklaces are the most popular length due to their versatility.  A princess length necklace will look good on just about any woman and is easy to find in various styles and materials from 14K gold to sterling silver and stainless steel. 


  • Matinee Necklace:  A matinee necklace is a slightly longer styled necklace at 20 to 24 inches.  Matinee length necklaces are perfect for stringing larger Patron Saint medals on and are often the preferred length for men to wear. 


Catholic Jewelry Sets



A jewelry set is a one-stop solution on your search for the perfect piece of jewelry.   If you can’t decide between a bracelet or a necklace, why not get both? Buying a Catholic jewelry set will save you time and frustration trying to find pieces that match.  Catholic jewelry sets include a matching bracelet and necklace and often come in a jewelry box or sachet.