Prayer Cards/Holy Cards

There are so many different types of cards – greeting, credit, baseball, playing, insurance, memory, library, phone, or prayer cards just to name a few.  For as many types of cards that exist, there also are as many different types of prayer cards! 

Back in the 1400s, old prints on all sorts of religious subjects were used to help people remember prayers and educate them on various aspects of their faith.  When woodcut stamps became popular, ink was applied to a stamp and then pressed onto the paper and hand colored.  Later on, engraving and etching were used to produce prayer cards.  Some cards were printed on fancy lace-edged paper and the influence of this design element is even replicated today on some cards.  When color lithography became available, the cost of producing the prayer cards went down so many more cards were produced and people were able to buy them more readily.  Today, with the advent of the Internet, the cost of the cards is very affordable making the prayer cards readily available through many different manufacturers and retailers.  One of the advantages The Catholic Company offers to its customers is generic pre-printed cards or cards that have an image on one side and are capable of being personalized on the other.  Lamination services are also available to make the cardstock entities more durable, plus as an added bonus the lamination makes the cards pop with vibrant colors.

So now you might ask, “How are people using these prayer cards?”  Here are ten ideas for you to contemplate:

Memorial Card – Many people order these prayer cards with consoling words for a loved one who has died. After choosing an appropriate picture for the front of the card you can personalize the back with your loved ones name, dates, and special sentiments. Plus, including an appropriate prayer or saying turns the card into a keepsake for all.

Birthday Card – Yes that’s right!  A birthday keepsake prayer card.  What better way to recognize that special birthday person than by creating a special card with their favorite prayer or Bible verse to hand out to all the guests at their party.  Now don’t just think of a kid’s party … aren’t we all children of God and supposed to be kids at heart when it comes to our faith?

Sacramental Celebration Card – Whether you’re celebrating your or someone you love’s, Baptism, Holy Orders, First Holy Communion, First Reconciliation, Confirmation or Holy Matrimony, a prayer card with a special prayer, poem, Bible verse or saying will make a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Retreat Card – What better way to promote the retreat’s theme than by selecting a beautiful prayer card and writing a special prayer along with printing the dates of the retreat, location and any other pertinent information on the back.

Catechist Card – Since we are called to be disciples by our Baptism we all have the responsibility to teach others about the faith. Whether you teach small groups or large audiences, these personalized prayer cards make an unique, memorable, heart-warming, yet affordable gift.

Patron Saint Card – Patron Saints are WONDERFUL intercessors to God!  By selecting a specific card and then writing your favorite prayer, Bible verse, or devotion for the back, not only do you make a keepsake for yourself but also a beautiful and meaningful evangelization present for others.

Reconciliation Cheat Sheet Card – The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a beautiful Sacrament yet many fear it because you are one-on-one with the priest as he is Persona Christi – the pressure is ON!!  Having this special little card with short personal examination of conscience and the Act of Contrition printed, helps to minimize the stress.  Keep one for yourself and share with those you love too!

Special Event Card – Do you have a big anniversary to celebrate, special mission you want people to attend, or a new ministry starting up?  Promote these “special” events with a personalized prayer card to get your message out professionally and affordably.  Other “special” events could include Christmas, Easter, or a graduation. Send out a personal prayer card along with your greeting cards,invitations, or "Save the Date" notes for that special spiritual touch.

Mass Times Card – Whether your seasonal Mass times vary or you have a different schedule for Christmas or Easter, these Mass cards will keep important information at your parishoners' fingertips. Include a special prayer for your parish to help promote community and spirituality. 

Cursillo/Emmaus Palanca Card – A beautiful and special way to let a group of others know you are praying for and sacrificing something so that they can come closer to God through your efforts.