Deathbed Conversions - Finding Faith at the Finish Line

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Karen Edmisten
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  • Deathbed Conversions: Finding Faith at the Finish Line
  • Read about famous conversions, like that of John Wayne's
  • A fascinating read
  • Learn what you may never have heard before

Is a last minute conversion really a loophole?

Far from being the easy-way-out, a deathbed conversion is almost always the culmination of years spent resisting God’s patient call. Each of these journeys to redemption will deepen your faith as you see the Father’s gentle, persistent, and loving grace.

Here are thirteen stories of people who finally found peace with the Lord in the last months, weeks, and even hours of their lives. Here are thirteen reasons why you should not resist your heavenly Father!

Read about:

  • Poet/playwright Oscar Wilde
  • Nobel laureate Alexi Carrel
  • Actors John Wayne, Patricia Neal, and Gary Cooper
  • Gangster-Dutch Shultz
  • Entertainer Buffalo Bill
  • King Charles II
  • ...and more!


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  • 5 Apr 19th 2016
    Deathbed Conversions

    Excellent book - the Holy Spirit is always with us and when we acknowledge God's grace and Mercy - we cross that final finish line a winner.

    Judi Halterlein

  • 5 Apr 19th 2016
    Deathbed Conversions

    My husband and I have often talked about many individuals who returned to the faith during their last days - it is inspiring to read that the Holy Spirit has always been with them - they just needed to acknowledge the grace and Mercy of God. This book is excellent.

    Judith Halterlein

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