Della Robbia Collection

Near Tuscany, in the hills outside of Lucca, Italy, local artisans continue to hand-craft terracotta wall art after the style developed by Luca della Robbia in the 15th century. Luca Della Robbia was an Italian sculptor from Florence noted for his beautiful and unique craftsmanship using terracotta pottery.

Della Robbia created lovely reliefs, often with religious figures such as Jesus and Mary, on a round, flat terracotta surface. Luca Della Robbia pottery rounds became widely popular due to a special glaze he developed that made his terracotta plaques perfectly suitable for outdoor use. Della Robbia pottery plaques were known for their subtle beauty, an interesting contrast to other Renaissance artists of the day, and used as a lovely decorative accent art piece for outdoor walls.

On a recent buying trip to Italy, we found local artisans still using the method of Luca Della Robbia to create beautiful pottery rounds using genuine Italian terracotta. In each piece of this Italian art collection, rich terracotta tones enhanced with sometimes subtle, sometimes bright colors and beautifully finished. This Della Robbia collection makes lovely both indoor and outdoor spaces.