Discovering Christ the Servant: A Spirituality of Service

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  • Rethinking and rekindling the act of Christian service
  • Concise and detailed plan of lay service
  • Looking through the lense of the Diaconate
  • Developing a lay spirituality of service
  • Beautiful insights on service and the outpouring of self

Because Jesus came not to be served but to serve (Mk 10:45), his Mystical Body, the Church, is essentially a servant Church. It’s precisely through this service that she carries out her mission.

The ancient diaconate was instituted, and has been restored in our time, not simply to stand alongside priestly, religious, and lay ministry but to imbue and empower each with a renewed sense of service. Indeed, the Greek word diakonia, which is translated in English as “service,” can also be translated into the Latin word ministerium, translated in English as “ministry.” Thus, when we look at episcopal ministry, priestly ministry, religious ministry, or lay ministry, service is essential to all.

Service is not something we do but someone we give: our very selves. It is an act of love rooted in a divine love already poured out for us. This book provides a radical but thoroughly consistent rethinking of the Christian life that takes up the tradition and builds upon it in a way that is both old and new.

“In Discovering Christ the Servant, Deacon Cerrato has provided a concise yet detailed spiritual roadmap leading to a deeper understanding of lay service. What surprised me was his approach: developing a lay spirituality of service by looking through the lens of diaconal service. Absolutely brilliant!” From the Foreword by Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

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  • Author: Deacon Dominic Cerrato, Ph.D.
  • 176 pages
  • Softcover
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Discovering Christ the Servant: A Spirituality of Service


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