Divine Mercy Flameless Candle

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  • God loves us and will forgive us-no matter what our sins
  • Hand assembled and tested to ensure quality
  • Warm and steady glowing low 4 watt light bulb
  • Long lasting and safe
  • Great for retirement homes, dorm rooms, the elderly , and/or younger children

In the 1930s, Sister Faustina, now Saint Faustina, received from the Lord a message of mercy that she was told to spread throughout the world.  She was asked to become the apostle and secretary of God's mercy as well as a model of how to be merciful to others.  It was her calling to be an instrument in God's plan to remind His children that He is always waiting with His mercy.  These electric flameless candles are hand assembled, tested, and calibrated to ensure top-quality.  Traditional and unforgettable images are beautifully re-mastered for a lifetime of viewing.  Flame-less candles offer the classic candle look and are an innovative approach for increasing safety. Candle can be used in most hospitals and nursing homes to bring comfort to the ill and elderly. No need to throw away a precious Saint Candle again. 

  • Comes pre-assembled and ready to plug in
  • Contains a custom light bulb replacement tool
  • 6' cord with easy on and off switch
  • 8" tall
  • No open flame

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  • 3 Jun 29th 2020
    Divine mercy flame less candle

    I was disappointed. Didn’t expect to be plu gi candle, cord long & off color, bulb small & hard to change.

    Linda Jo

  • 5 Oct 9th 2019
    Beautiful candle

    I’m very happy with my purchase. I like that it’s electric and it give off a nice soft light. It’s a perfect night light.,which I keep on a timer.

    Christine Petruccelli

  • 4 Oct 18th 2018
    Great Candle

    One of the best purchases I have ever made. It fits well on my homemade altar in my room, and brings me concentration when I pray.


  • 5 Apr 30th 2018
    Absolutely Beautiful!

    Even more beautiful than I expected! Casts a very gentle, warm light. Perfect because there are no worries about accidents or fires caused by leaving traditional candles lit and unattended. Perfect for homes with small children and or curious pets. I love this candle and plan to buy more.

    Victoria P.

  • 5 Apr 24th 2018
    Divine Mercy Flameless candle

    Beautiful. Would have liked it a little bigger, but it is beautiful.

    margaret Rose hristen

  • 5 Dec 8th 2017
    Beautiful Devotional Candle

    Very beautiful devotional electric candle. Makes a beautiful gift!

    Susan T Worms

  • 5 Jan 31st 2016
    Divine Mercy Flameless Candle



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