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  • Encounter the love of Christ through His Divine Mercy
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Good Catholic is a service brought to you by The Catholic Company. Our purpose is to provide you with dynamically-delivered digital content that will help you embrace your Catholic faith, grow spiritually, and ultimately, spend eternity with Christ. That is, after all, the goal of this life!

Christ is calling you to greater devotion. Come, hear His words, and begin to immerse yourself in His unfathomable mercy. Join our 31 Day Series to overhaul your spiritual life with the message of Divine Mercy:   We’ll explore Jesus’ message of mercy by learning:
  • Why the Divine Mercy message is “for the end times” (Session 3)
  • Why Mercy is God’s “Greatest Attribute” (Session 9)
  • Why every sinner, no matter how far gone, can find mercy in Christ (Session 12)
  • What it means to have true conversion (Session 14)
  • How the Divine Mercy Devotion can revolutionize your spiritual life (Sessions 23-29)
Christ wants us to turn to His mercy without delay, so that we can be united to Him now and in eternity. He is pouring out His mercy for you. Will you accept it?

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Una serie de 31 días (en inglés) en la cual te vas a sumergir en la misericordia de Dios. Aprenderás sobre la importancia de la devoción a la Divina Misericordia, por qué la misericordia es el mayor atributo de Dios, por qué los pecadores pueden encontrar misericordia en Cristo, y cómo la Divina Misericordia puede transformar tu vida espiritual. Acceso ilimitado al contenido por 365 días. 

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Divine Mercy - Good Catholic Digital Content Series


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