Doors of Mercy: Exploring God's Covenant with You

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  • Catholic Bible Study
  • Perfect companion to the Year of Mercy
  • Ideal Lenten retreat for families and individuals
  • 8-week journey of faith

God formed a Covenant with our first parents. He desires a personal covenant, a covenant of mercy, with you. In Christ, He has opened wide the Doors of Mercy… especially for us who are weak and afraid of asking for help.

Doors of Mercy: Exploring God’s Covenant With You is an 8-week journey through salvation history, from God’s merciful promises to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David, to the prophets’ call to renewal, to the fulfillment of God’s promises in Christ.

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby will guide you through God’s covenant with his people, from Adam and Eve to Jesus Christ, showing how God cares for his people and offers them mercy even after they stray from Him again and again.

Each weekly session is capped by a personal testimony from various Catholic authors, speakers, and clergy, which demonstrates the power of Divine Mercy in the world today, inspiring you to seek God’s mercy and to foster a closer relationship with Christ.

During this Jubilee Year of Mercy, explore how God makes His Mercy present to you, in ordinary – and extraordinary – ways. Walk through the Doors of Mercy. Your life will never be the same. 

Leader Pack contains everything you need to get your group study started, including:

  • DVD set
  • Study Guide
  • Leader Guide

Home Study Pack:

  • DVD set
  • Study Guide

Components are also sold separately:

Leader Guide: provides everything you need to lead a group study. It contains all the material from the Study Guide plus responses to the Discussion Questions, answers to frequently asked questions, a guide to foster group discussion, an opening prayer for each lesson, and helpful tips on how to run a group study. 

Study Guide: that walks group members through each lesson, offering discussion questions, a glossary of difficult terms, and a brief section that will help the group apply each lesson to their daily lives. Finally the Study Guide features suggested further reading, and profound reflections on mercy from the Bible, the Popes, the Catechism and the saints.

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