The Eucharist: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics

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  • The Eucharist: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics
  • Where do we see symbols of the Eucharist in the Old Testament?
  • How do the Old Testament sacrifices prefigure Christ's sacrifice?
  • What did Jesus mean when he said "Do this in remembrance of me"?
  • How do we meet Jesus in the breaking of the bread?

"They devoted themselves to the teachings of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers..."
 -- Acts 2:42

It is called the "source and summit" of our Catholic faith: the Holy Eucharist. But do we really understand its true meaning?

In Fr. Mitch Pacwa's The Eucharist: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics you will see the essential connection between the Eucharist and the Scriptures, and through reflection and discussion you'll learn to apply the principles in your own life. 

Perfect for group or individual study, The Eucharist will change the way you look at the Mass and allow you to meet Jesus as transformed by His gift of life.

  • 6" x 9"

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