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Eucharistic Miracles and Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints

Eucharistic Miracles and Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints

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Eucharistic Miracles and Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints
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Product Description

  • Eucharist Miracles and Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints
  • Detailed accounts of miraculous Eucharistic phenomena
  • Powerful and awe-inspiring
  • Come to a new reverence and love for the Eucharist


On numerous occasions in the history of the Church, God has seen fit to offer miraculous visible proof of the Catholic teaching that at the sacred words of Consecration in the Mass, the bread and wine upon the altar are truly changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Joan Carroll Cruz's Eucharistic Miracles recounts 36 such major Eucharistic miracles in Church history. She tells of Hosts which have turned to visible flesh, Hosts which have bled, Hosts which have become hard as flint when received by a person in mortal sin, Hosts which have levitated, Hosts which have manifested their hidden presence by mysterious lights, consecrated "wine" which turned into visible blood, etc., as well as many miracles which occurred after sacrilege had been committed against the Holy Eucharist.

The events told here cover a wide historical gamut, the first miracle described being that of Lanciano, Italy in the 8th century and the last that of Stich, Bavaria in 1970. The author details the official investigations made into these remarkable events, and in many cases tells where the miraculous Hosts or Blood can still be seen and venerated today.

Also described here are many miraculous Eucharistic phenomena in the lives of the Saints: Mrs. Cruz tells of Saints who lived on the Eucharist alone, Saints who had raptures and ecstasies during Holy Communion, Saints who received Communion miraculously, and Saints who experienced levitations, visions, locutions, and phenomena of tears, fire and light in relation to their reception of the Eucharist. Plus, another section of the book gives the history of Eucharistic devotions, including Benediction, the Feast of Corpus Christi, and perpetual adoration.

To read the accounts of the amazing miracles related here -- events unexplained and unexplainable by science -- is to realize anew the literal truth of the Church's ancient doctrine of the Real Presnece. "Eucharistic Miracles" is destined to be for many people a powerful confirmation of the truth of the Catholic Faith by confirming the truth of one of the loftiest mysteries of the Catholic religion -- the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.


  • Lanciano, Italy
  • Braine, France
  • Ferrara, Italy
  • Augsburg, Germany
  • Alatri, Italy
  • Santarem, Portugal
  • The Two Miracles of Stich, Germany
  • and more, including many instances of Eucharistic phenomena in the lives of the saints

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 8.47 x 5.51 x 0.69 inches
  • ISBN: 9780895553034
  • Author: Joan Carroll Cruz
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 305
  • Language: English

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Reviews - Eucharistic Miracles and Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints

Average Customer Rating
(4.92/5 Stars, 26 Ratings) Based on 26 Reviews

Eucharistic Miricles

Review: I bought this book for myself before and this will be a gift for a fellow Eucharistic Minister. Content is amazing!

Great book, condition not so good

Review: This book is so well researched and inspiring. Unfortunately, in the process of shipping, quite a few pages became dented and one or two became creased.
Response: We are so sorry this happened to your shipment. Please contact customer care and we will be happy to replace the book.

Eucharistic Miracles

Review: The book is very interesting and informative. I had never heard of Eucharistic Miracles until I saw this book. I was so excited when I received it and it included pictures of the miracles and relics. I even brought the book to my religious education class that I teach and showed the students some of the miracles. Once I finish the book I am going to share it with others. I can't wait to read other books about Relics and Miracles!

Eucharistic Miracles

Review: Miracles have & continue to happen surrounding the Eucharist. Interestingly, fellow Eucharistic Ministers and myself were just discussing the miracles yesterday after mass.

Eucharistic Miracles

Review: Love the book. It has brought me closer to Jesus. Just knowing how deep the faith of that generation was along with the persecution of the Christian Faith. Our Lord always seemed to time his miracles when needed most.

Eucharistic Miracles

Review: I am so glad I ordered this book. I went to catholic school from 1st through 12th grade and had never heard of these miracles. I had learned that the Host becomes Jesus Christ but I didn't understand how that could be. I have always received the host reverently, but, after reading of these miracles, it has increased my faith and reverence towards the Mass and Holy Communion 100-fold. Why is this information not given out more freely?

Eucharistic Miracles

Review: Excellent book based on significant amount of research.

Eucharist Miracles

Review: Just started reading this book. Only had time for the first story-excited to get back to reading it. I know I am going to love this book

Eucharistic Miracles

Review: Awesome book. I could not stop reading it, and I have told everyone about the book and about the miracles. As I take communion, I look upon the Eucharist and think of the miracles and know that the Host is truly the body of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wish everyone would take the time to read this book.

Very interesting

Review: Makes one see Holy Communion in a different way. Very good book!

Eucharistic Miracles

Review: Perfect for my needs to grow in my Catholic faith.

eucharistic miracles

Review: This book was an amazing collection of eucharistic miracles! I never realized that there were so many miracles concerning the eucharist. I could not put the book made me realize how very special the eucharist truly is and how sacred and fulfilling it is to have this gift from our Lord. Everyone should read this book for a better appreciation of his body and blood that is given to us each time we receive communion.

Eucharist Miracles

Review: Great book

God is awesome

Review: All Catholics should read this book. It should be shared with our youth and in studies for older groups. To have read this book changes how I view the Eucharist. I always felt humbled but now I feel so unworthy and grateful. Best Uses: Gift, Older Readers, Younger Readers; Describe Yourself: Bookworm

So glad I bought this book.

Review: Great source of reference to counter claims that the Eucharist is merely a symbol rather than the real Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. Helpful in evangelizing skeptical friends and family members. Best Uses: Reference; Describe Yourself: Bookworm; Pros: Deserves Multiple Readings, Easy To Read, Informative, Well Written

I love miracles!

Review: I use this book and read two miracles during each of my Adoration visits. It focuses me on the body and blood of Christ in the Eucharist! Beautiful and reverent descriptions. It is a perfect gift for yourself or others who go to Adoration regularly, but living in modern times, we all can benefit from remembering the miracle of our Eucharistic beliefs as we approach Communion! Best Uses: Adoration participants; Describe Yourself: Everyday Reader; Pros: Beautiful histories, Deserves Multiple Readings, Excellent for Adoration, Well Written

A very good read

Review: Having read this book has helped me approach Holy Communion with more reverence and awe. My visits to the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle have become even more intimate and meaningful. Describe Yourself: Everyday Reader; Pros: Deserves Multiple Readings, Easy To Read, Informative, Well Written


Review: Very informative, thoroughly researched, thought provoking. Hard to doubt the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharistic after reading this book. Best Uses: Gift, Older Readers, Travel Reading, Younger Readers; Describe Yourself: Everyday Reader; Pros: Deserves Multiple Readings, Easy To Read, Informative, Page-Turner

This is a must read!!!

Review: This book is a must read if you wish to learn more about the Eucharistic Miracles. I did not know there were these many miracles/phenomena. Best Uses: Reference; Describe Yourself: Casual Reader; Pros: Easy To Read, Informative


Review: If you read this you will be struck by the total irreverence in our times of the Eucharist. The spirit you receive at First Holy Communion, for some reason and for the most part,give way to nonchalance over the years. This book could really shake up some people for a reality check. Something that seems to be totally taken for granted, could be taken away from us in a heartbeat if it was God's Will. Best Uses: Gift, Younger Readers; Describe Yourself: Casual Reader; Pros: Deserves Multiple Readings, Easy To Read, Informative, Page-Turner, Well Written

Fall In Love With The Eucharist All Over

Review: I'm an RCIA team member, I purchased this book for a better understanding and deeper appreciation for the Eucharist - BEST choice I made! Documented miracles of the Flesh and Blood in the Eucharist, I couldn't put it down! Best Uses: Eucharistic appreciation; Describe Yourself: Everyday Reader; Pros: Deserves Multiple Readings, Easy To Read, Informative, Page-Turner, Well Written

Powerful Affirmations

Review: If anyone ever had a doubt as to the real presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist, he/she should read this book. As a daily communicant, I have a new understanding and appreciation of the Gift of his Love through the consecrated Bread and Wine. It relates awesome miracles, and I use "awesome" in the real sense of the word. Best Uses: Gift, Older Readers, Travel Reading, Younger Readers; Describe Yourself: Everyday Reader; Pros: Easy To Read, Informative, Well Written

Review: Eucharistic Miracles

Review: An excellent book. I had found similar material online but prefer to read a book in the comfort of my living room recliner rather than sitting in front of a computer terminal. I don't know how many Catholics are aware of this phenomena and can't help but wonder if greater reverence would be held for the Eucharistic if the events portrayed in this book were more widely disseminated. Best Uses: Eucharistic history, Reference; Cons: No cons whatsoever; Describe Yourself: Bookworm; Pros: Deserves Multiple Readings, Easy To Read, Informative, Well Written


Review: Birthday gift Describe Yourself: Casual Reader; Pros: Easy To Read, Informative, Well Written

The headline seems perfect.

Review: The book was quite fascinating and interesting to read. I learned a great deal more than I had previously known about the Blessed Sacrament. The true stories concerning incidents involving the mistreatment of the Holy Eucharist, and the consequences thereof, were very enlightening. After reading this book one will come to more fully appreciate the true presence of Our Lord in every consecrated host. Describe Yourself: Bookworm; Pros: Deserves Multiple Readings, Easy To Read, Engaging characters, Informative, Page-Turner, Well Written

I couldn't put this book down!

Review: Eucheristic Miracales was an amazing look inside one of catholocism's deepest mysteries- "the real presence of Christ" in the bread and wine. This book proves that the lord in really there in the sacrement of holy communion. After reading this book I have a far deeper appreciation and respect for our lord's gift of the sacred sacrement. I usually read multiple books at one time, and take months to finish one. I could not put this book down, and tell everyone I knew about it. I finished it in 11 days. The short concise accounts of miracles kept me wanting to read more. The organization of the book with the earliest miracles first, and the more recent ones toward the end gives a unique history of the catholic church and our attitude toward communion throughout time. I was amazed to learn that communion could be privately kept at one's home for adoration in the early days of the church. Also- the concept of recieving communion at a rail in the 1400's was interesting. I really want to read the Incorruptables also by this author but it is not available anywhere, and that is very disappointing. If it is written half as well as this book is, it should be reprinted. Best Uses: Gift, Older Readers, Travel Reading, Younger Readers; Cons: It wasn't long enough; Describe Yourself: Everyday Reader; Pros: Informative, Page-Turner, Suspenseful, Well Written
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