Fatima and the First Saturdays Book

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  • All-inclusive reference to Fatima & First Saturday Devotion
  • Overlooked messages and information
  • Important aspects of fulfilling the First Saturday Devotion
  • Method for propagating the message in your parish
This is an important book for those who have read everything about Our Lady of Fatima. Yet, even beginners can find a shortcut to understanding the Fatima message. This is a message that the world needs now more than ever. Yet, many important aspects of the message have been overlooked. In this book, we quote passages in Sr. Lucia’s own words and then present a commentary on them.

We cover passages concerning the appearances of the Angel of Peace, Our Lady’s six appearances at Fatima, the three important appearances after Fatima, and crucial information related to the First Saturdays found in Sr. Lucia’s letters and locutions up to 1945. From beginning to end, the reader will not only learn from Sr. Lucia herself but also will learn through the commentary new and original insights into the contents of the Fatima message. One will discover the unique importance of the First Saturdays devotion within the context of the entire Fatima message.

This devotion is the only one of Our Lady’s two special requests that remains to be fulfilled to help bring about peace in the world and the salvation of souls. Further, this book presents a special way in which the devotion can be propagated in each parish so that a larger number of the faithful can have access to its benefits. In addition, this book will help direct the reader toward the next steps for spreading the First Saturdays. Spreading and fulfilling the First Saturdays is urgently needed as the solution to the world’s problems. This solution will lead to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Read this book to know why!

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Fatima and the First Saturdays Book