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Good Catholic is a service brought to you by The Catholic Company. Our purpose is to provide you with dynamically-delivered digital content that will help you embrace your Catholic faith, grow spiritually, and ultimately, spend eternity with Christ. That is, after all, the goal of this life!

We live in an age of instant-everything. Shouldn’t this mean that life is easier and we have more time? That would be wonderful—but it’s not the reality. Instead, our days are filled with stress, anxiety, and unnecessary complexity. 

How can we achieve balance? Most of us know, at least on some level, that we could find balance by simplifying our lives. However, we can’t simplify our external situation without addressing our interior life, and vice versa. One affects the other. If we go to confession and Sunday Mass only to return to a frantic, disorganized, unbalanced weekday reality, it will be harder to stay in a state of grace and to make room for God in everyday activities. On the other hand, if we declutter our homes from attic to basement and implement an organized daily routine for ourselves, but forget to make God our #1 priority, we will never have genuine peace OR true simplicity. 

That’s why we need to practice Catholic simplicity. Catholic simplicity focuses on the whole person: our spiritual and physical needs. Jesus told us, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10b). As Catholics, we are called to live intentionally—to pursue a well-lived life. That’s where this Good Catholic series comes in.

Finding Simplicity is a 21-day online devotional series for anyone who desires a Catholic approach to balanced living. It will show you tried-and-true ways to simplify your life and refocus on what you truly need. Featuring practical, action-oriented lessons and reflective videos that share the benefits of intentional simplicity, you will find the tools you need to craft a more holistic lifestyle that’s centered on your faith and what matters most to you. Whether it’s advice on how to form good habits, pray better, eat meals like a faithful Christian, or receive guests into your home, you will benefit from this easy-to-follow guide. 

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*Complete your experience with the Finding Simplicity Companion Journal, perfect for taking notes during the series, and a handcrafted Simplicity Rosary, designed especially with this series in mind.

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Finding Simplicity (Encontrando Simplicidad) es una serie devocional (en inglés) en línea de 21 días para cualquier persona que desee un enfoque católico para una vida equilibrada. Le mostrará formas probadas y verdaderas de simplificar su vida y reenfocarse en lo que realmente necesita. Con lecciones prácticas y orientadas a la acción y videos reflexivos que comparten los beneficios de la simplicidad intencional, encontrará las herramientas que necesita para diseñar un estilo de vida más holístico que se centre en su fe y en lo que más le importa. Ya sea que se trate de consejos sobre cómo formar buenos hábitos, orar mejor, comer como un cristiano fiel o recibir invitados en su hogar, se beneficiará de esta guía fácil de seguir.