40 Days of Lent Card Pack for Children

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  • 40 Days: A child's journey through Lent 
  • Catholic Company Exclusive
  • A great way for kids to walk through Lent with purpose
  • Creative ideas for daily sacrifices centered around home and family 

Educate your kids about the Holy Days of Lent and the importance of small sacrifices with daily activities that are as thoughtful as they are simple. Designed to promote enthusiastic participation and written for genuine learning, this Lenten card pack for kids will bring your child's Lent to life while focusing on the ultimate sacrifice: Christ's death.  After all, each of the 40 days is a unique opportunity for your child to develop and exercise his or her spiritual muscles.  At an age where small sacrifices feel suspiciously like chores, parenting your child through Lent can be tricky. This is a great tool to help your child through this special and Holy time of year. 


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  • 40 cards
  • Card size: 5.25" (H) x 3.25" (W)

40 Days of Lent Card Pack for Children