From Christendom to Apostolic Mission: Pastoral Strategies for an Apostolic Age

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  • Contributes effective strategies to engage our own time and culture once more with the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
  • Gain a genuine conversion of mind and heart that will impel you to want to make a difference
  • If you are a Catholic & you're concerned with the direction of our society, this is a MUST read
  • Perfect for clergy and religious, parents, catechists, and anyone who desires a reawakening of the Catholic imaginative vision
  • Written by Monsignor James Patrick Shea, president of the University of Mary

Every human society possesses a moral and spiritual imaginative vision, a set of assumptions and ways of looking at things according to which life proceeds. This essay is an attempt to contribute effective strategies to engage our own time and culture once more with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and – for a weary world – to awaken the Catholic imaginative vision.

Over 150 5 Star Book Reviews:

Balm for the soul, fire for the soul
"Monsignor Shea tells us in this book that "the great apostolic task of our time is to gain a genuine conversion of mind and vision." He then lucidly lays before us the challenges and blessings of Life in Apostolic ages and in ages of Christendom. He shows us the message best suited to each time. He beautifully describes the Christian vision. Additionally he explains the modern progressive vision and shows us truths we become blind to and errors we fall into as we are caught in the currents of our time. For example he gives insights into freedom as envisioned by Christianity and the freedom envisioned by progressives this way: "to become free under the Christian mythic vision was to grow into a particular image, one given by the God who had created us and according to which we would find happiness and goodness" versus "The insistence on autonomy in the progressive vision has induced an intoxication with breaking things that are thought to stand in the way of personal freedom." Truly, which path would you rather walk?

This book rises above the political, but is a perfect read for those discouraged by the political landscape. It is uplifting and encouraging and it shows you the grace and adventure of living in our particular time and place."

Finally a call for much needed restoration
"Msgr. Shea’s book ought to be read by every priest, principal, catechist, parent, etc. This book articulates very well for the need for an apostolic age in the Church. If you have been frustrated with the lack of zeal for souls, poor liturgy, poor care Jesus, poor evangelization efforts, etc this book is a going to give you the vocabulary to clearly state your own authentic observations. This would be a great book to read with others over a period of time and then to be presented to a parish council or pastor of a parish to clearly state the need to for change and stop the fruitless efforts over the past 60 years immediately.

If read with honest eyes and ears this book will help one honestly assess the situation 60 plus years of impoverished Catholicism in the world. The need to an apostolic mission is stated extremely well in this book. Due to very few people knowing the Christian vision the need for renewal is needed now more than ever to combat the progressive vision which lacks hope and true freedom."

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  • Author: Monsignor James P. Shea
  • Format: Paperback
  • Published by the University of Mary
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