Gift Boxed Crown of Thorns 6"

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  • Crown of thorns
  • Visual reminder of the Passion of Christ
  • Lenten devotional item

Crafted to resemble the crown placed upon our Lord, this real crown of thorns embodies sacrifice, suffering, and our offering to God Almighty.  Displayed during Lent as a reminder to offer special devotional prayers and personal sacrifices, this crown can help us unite more fully with the wounds of Christ.  It has a strong visual presence when used as an instructional tool for classrooms and faith formation groups.  The crown draws us in as we reflect on our lives and God's salvific plan.  Includes a double-sided card featuring Matthew 27:29 and John 3:16. 

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 6" crown of thorns
  • Boxed for presentation
  • Not intended for children
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