God's Gift of Forgiveness Sticker Book

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  • Fun, engaging sticker book for kids
  • Prepares children for First Reconciliation
  • Teaches kids the meaning and symbolism behind Confession
  • Great gift for First Reconciliation
  • Fun for quiet time or learning time together
Children explore the meaning of the sacrament’s forgiveness and absolution in the broader context of God’s amazing love and mercy for them. Popular children’s catechist Connie Clark has created a perfect complement to our First Communion sticker book, Receive the Lord, for children preparing for their First Penance and Reconciliation.

Easy-to-read texts and joyful illustrations explain the symbols and rite of this sacrament along with age-appropriate activities to reinforce learning. Each book includes a bound in set of colorful stickers and features puzzles and games to reinforce the foundations of Catholic Teachings. Perfect for ages 6-12. Learning about the Catholic faith is fun and memorable with this love-filled booklet. Makes a great gift for any time, especially for a sacramental occasion like First Reconciliation. 

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  • Author: Creative Communications for the Parish
  • Pages: 32 Format: Softcover
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Bayard, INC.

God's Gift of Forgiveness Sticker Book