God's Plan For Your Marriage: An Explanation of Holy Matrimony From Genesis to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb

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  • Theology of Marriage
  • How it is a part of God's plan for mankind
  • Dignity of Marriage as Sacrament and Covenant
  • Graces & virtues conferred in Marriage
  • How to love your spouse more deeply and grow in holiness

This life is preparation for eternity, and from the beginning, God created marriage to help married couples become saints. Indeed, God has given to married couples the profound gift of being able to fulfill the purpose of their creation through, with, and in each other. Marriage is a foreshadowing of Heaven, and each married couple must work with God if their marriage is to be a foretaste of eternity.

In this thought-provoking and uplifting book, Fr. Robert Altier unpacks the theological significance of the Sacrament of Marriage and brilliantly explains how it has been a part of God’s plan from the beginning — and will eventually be fulfilled at the Marriage Banquet of the Lamb in Heaven. Teeming with practical wisdom and clear examples, these pages delve into the surpassing dignity of marriage as a covenant and a sacrament — and a call to holiness.

You will learn how the graces and virtues that are conferred in the Sacrament of Marriage transform the unity of the couple — not just in the flesh but in the heart and soul. You’ll learn how to predispose yourself to receive this divine power and, best of all, how to love your spouse more deeply. You will also explore the significance of marriage vows and how men are called to be the spiritual leaders and women are called to be the heart of their families. 

Fr. Altier tackles contemporary questions and concerns, such as the real meaning of “being subject to one another in marriage” and those sensitive and controversial issues regarding sexual morality. Arguably one of the most theologically eye-opening books on marriage ever written, this book also explains:

  • The definitive reasons why marriage can exist only between a man and a woman
  • How the married couple embodies the life-giving love of the Most Blessed Trinity
  • Why the Sacrament of Marriage makes the couple a new creation
  • The characteristics of true love and how to love with heroic charity
  • How to avoid settling for mediocrity in love and service to others
  • The vital connection between Baptism, Marriage, and the Holy Eucharist
  • Why you must become vulnerable in love in order to become receptive to love
  • How marriage leads to overcoming sinful tendencies and makes saints
  • The necessity of prayer in marriage for the individual, the couple, and the family
  • How a deeper theological understanding of the Holy Eucharist and Marriage deepens marital intimacy
  • Why “the two becoming one” in marriage is foremost a spiritual union

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God's Plan For Your Marriage: An Explanation of Holy Matrimony From Genesis to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb