Golden Crucifiction Triptych - 10"

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  • Crucifixion Triptych
  • Distinctive piece of holy art
  • Christ in the center panel, Mary & saints on either side
  • Moving devotional piece, faithful accent or gift
Be transported to the foot of the Cross with our Savior through this Crucifixion triptych. The word "triptych" comes from the Greek words tri, which means "three" and ptyche, which means "fold". A triptych is simply a piece of artwork that has been divided into three sections or panels. The panels are connected with a hinge so the piece can be folded. Historically, triptychs have been used to decorate altars.

This beautiful Crucifixion triptych on wood features the Crucified Christ in the center, and Our Lady and Christ's beloved followers keeping watch at either side.  A moving devotional piece and a faithful accent for your prayer table, nightstand, dresser, or any place in your sacred space to remind you of His sacrificial love. 

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 10" (H) x 5.75" (W) x 2" (D)
  • Manufactured Wood
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Golden Crucifiction Triptych - 10"