Guadalupe and the Flower World Prophecy Book & Rose Guadalupe Rosary Gift Set

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  • Guadalupe and the Flower World Prophecy
  • Prophetic reinterpretation of the Guadalupe story
  • Based on St. Juan Diego's indigenous belief system
  • Rose Guadalupe Rosary
  • Intricate clay beads formed into roses
  • Show appreciation for a woman in your life
  • Memorable alternative to buying a woman flowers!
Guadalupe and the Flower World Prophecy

At the beginning of the famous encounter between St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe, as Diego ascends Tepeyac Hill, he is suddenly surrounded by beautiful music and wondrous sights, whereupon he asks himself, “Where am I? Could this be the place that our ancestors spoke of — the Flower World Paradise in the land of heaven?” 

With these words, St. Juan Diego ties his encounter to an ancient indigenous belief system — a spiritual floral domain named “Flower World.” This startling history was recently uncovered by anthropologists and archaeologists. In referencing this flowery paradise, Juan Diego opens up a fascinating link dating back to the very cradle of American civilization.

Flower World permeated Pan-Mesoamerican culture from its inception, accentuating ancient American man’s yearning for a paradisiacal afterlife saturated with music and beauty. This is expressively reflected in flower song poems of the era, whose primary metaphor is that of a singer calling down flowers from heaven to gather in his tilma so he might share them with lords and princes.

This exciting new interpretation of American prehistory lays the groundwork for a prophetical reinterpretation of the Guadalupe narrative. Joseph and Monique Gonzalez shed new light on the astounding events of Our Lady’s appearance at Tepeyac in December 1531. They present a fresh explanation of the roughly ten million indigenous conversions that occurred after the Blessed Mother’s appearance — considered the single largest Christian conversion event in history.
Painstakingly tracing the latest archaeological interpretations of Flower World along with the philosophical ramifications behind the flower songs, the Gonzalezes make a compelling case for the Guadalupe apparition’s being the culmination of thousands of years of evangelical preparation of the people of the Americas. In these enthralling pages, you will discover:
  • Whether the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe was a fabrication to convert the indigenous
  • That the miraculous tilma is part of a larger network of miraculous artistic expressions and ideas
  • The five ways Our Lady of Guadalupe attaches herself to ancient traditions
  • That the indigenous peoples had limited exposure to the tilma
  • The four-petaled flower symbol that connects earth and heaven
  • An ancient and mysterious poem that mirrors the Guadalupe narrative
  • The four pillars of “the bridge of understanding” that paved the way for the Gospels
  • That the gathered flowers in Juan Diego’s tilma symbolize Jesus as the Path to eternal life
This hero’s journey through the centuries is a love letter to the modern world that unveils in a stunning way the reality of God’s salvific plan for the Americas, then and now.

Rose Guadalupe Rosary

When we want to show appreciate for or admiration of a woman in our lives, we often give her flowers. This rosary of intricate clay beads formed into roses demonstrates a lasting and memorable alternative to buying an incredible woman a bouquet. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy yourself this Catholic Company exclusive rosary as well; in fact, using it with true devotion will be like presenting a lovely bouquet to our Blessed Mother. The presence of a gold-plated Guadalupe centerpiece adds even deeper meaning to the rose beads.

Dimensions & Specifications

Guadalupe and the Flower World Prophecy
  • Author: Joseph Gonzalez, Monique Gonzalez
  • 288 Pages
  • Paperback
Rose Guadalupe Rosary
  • Length: 22"
  • Clay beads 
  • Gold-plated crucifix and centerpiece
  • Centerpiece: 0.85" (H) x 0.5" (W)
  • Crucifix: 2" (H) x 1.25" (W)
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Guadalupe and the Flower World Prophecy Book & Rose Guadalupe Rosary Gift Set