Guilt & Daily Meditations on God's Love (2 Book Set)

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  • Guilt
  • Faithful, sensitive, and compassionate work
  • For those suffering the crippling effects of guilt
  • Daily Meditations on God's Love
  • Scripture, reflection and prayer for each day
  • Deepen your experience of God

Literary genius Caryll Houselander wrote this book out of an abiding compassion for those who are suffering and in search of healing and happiness. She presents in these pages gripping examples of famous men and women who battled some form of neurosis that led to either their sanctification or their destruction.

The greatest suffering of our age is psychological pain, Houselander argues. A sufferer of neurosis herself, she unpacks the phenomenon that creates ego-neurosis - a type of disordered self-love that, at its core, attempts to satisfy our hunger for Christ. She reveals how failure to cultivate this essential relationship results in anxiety, disordered behavior, and psychological ailments such as scrupulosity, aberrant sexual behavior, hypochondria, and assorted manias.

God waits to embrace you with healing love and lavish you with redeeming graces, she explains. But you must first respond to His invitation. Houselander shows how sacramental Confession - the miracle of atonement with God - uniquely serves to alleviate your guilt and restore harmony to your soul. With her stirring meditations on hope, she shows you that Christ "fell in love" with us and took "all the suffering of guilt on Himself, wedding Himself to our sorrow, and offering the sacrifice of His own death on the Cross." Incredibly, He re-creates us and gives us the fullness of joy through the gift of "spiritual childhood."

In this thoroughly penetrating and rewarding book, Houselander will also help you:

  • Accept your nature, avoid escapism, and open your heart to God’s mercy through the sacraments
  • Surrender your self-pity, adore God’s boundless love, and strive to alleviate the suffering of others
  • Enter the immensity of God’s life and enjoy the freedom and love you were created to receive
  • "Put on Christ" and employ the supernatural weapons of prayer and sacrifice
  • Be a co-redeemer with Jesus by performing ordinary tasks with love to transform the world
  • Let Christ be formed in you like Mary and echo her Fiat, which releases the Holy Spirit’s power

Daily Meditations on God's Love

Daily Meditations on God's Love is an excellent resource for those seeking a deeper relationship with God. In this book, beloved Catholic Book Publishing author Marci Alborghetti offers readers the opportunity to use Scripture, reflection, and prayer to deepen their experience of God's love every day. Covered in vibrant red vinyl with ribbon marker, Daily Meditations on God's Love will enable readers to more readily apply the fruits of their relationship with the Lord to their daily lives. This book is meant to help all clergy, religious, and lay people to share more fully in the Prayer of the Church through inspirational prayers and reflections centered on the celebration of the Hours. A beautiful book that makes a special gift of faith.

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  • Author: Caryll Houselander 
  • Pages: 368
  • Format: Softcover

Daily Meditations on God's Love
  • Author: Marci Alborghetti
  • 192 Pages
  • Leatherette cover
  • 6.25"(H) x 4"(W)
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Guilt & Daily Meditations on God's Love (2 Book Set)