Holy Week Wood Blocks Mini Devotional Set

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  • Unique devotional for families
  • Tabletop resource activity to engage everyone
  • Block set with colorful images, story book of meditations & more
  • Tangible, bible-based way to enter into His Passion and prepare for Easter
  • Wonderful new tradition for your family
A tangible, beautiful, bible-based way for you and your family to slow down and draw closer to Christ in the Easter season. The set comes with 4 wooden blocks featuring resurrection imagery, an 8-day written guide, a wooden tray, and black fabric cover.

Every day from Palm Sunday to Easter, arrange the blocks, read the story and discuss together the question of the day. Make time to have the conversations that matter, as you enter into the Passion of Christ, our one true King. Place the set in the center of your table so it becomes the center of your family time together during Holy Week. 

A tabletop resource for families and a wonderful new tradition for your home that will engage everyone, even the littlest souls. 

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 44 Page Devotional
  • Set of 12 Beech Wood Blocks & Tray 
  • 5.8" (H) x 5.8 (L) x 2.4" (W)
  • Black Cloth
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Holy Week Wood Blocks Mini Devotional Set