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  • Home Blessing of St. Benedict
  • Unique sacramental for the home or car
  • Features St. Benedict medals
  • Spanish prayer card
  • Great for doorknobs

The home blessing of St. Benedict & Spanish prayer blessing card is a new and unique way to benefit from the sacramental use of the St. Benedict medal that can be displayed just about anywhere. Saint Benedict was a great saint known not only for his sanctity but for his resistance and power over devils that tried to undermine him. Tradition holds that at least twice attempts were made on Saint Benedict's life through poisoned food, and both times his blessing over his meal spared his life. These and other miracles were frequent in the life of St. Benedict. He was especially adept at resisting the devil's wiles, thus the St. Benedict medal is a highly indulgenced Catholic saint medal with several exorcism prayers etched onto its surface. As such St. Benedict medals have become favorites among Catholic faithful. 

This Home Blessing of St. Benedict is a decorative way to display the St. Benedict medal with knotted nylon cords and beads that can hang from a doorknob or from another convenient place in the home or car. The purpose of using the St. Benedict medal is to call down God's blessing and protection upon us, wherever we are, and upon our homes and possessions, especially through the intercession of St. Benedict. Sacramentals used in this way become a constant silent prayer and reminder of our identity as followers and lovers of Christ. The St. Benedict medal has several prayers associated with it as identified by the acronyms on both sides. These are a prayer of exorcism against the devil, a prayer for strength in time of temptation, a prayer for a peaceful death in the Lord, a prayer for peace among ourselves and among the nations of the world, a prayer that the Cross of Christ be our light and guide, a prayer of firm rejection of all that is evil, a prayer of petition that we may with Christian courage "walk in God's ways, with the Gospel as our guide," as St. Benedict admonishes us.

  • This item is not blessed
  • Measures approx. 18" (L)
  • Spanish blessing card
  • For sacramental use, have blessed by a priest

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  • 5 Jul 8th 2020
    Home Blessing - St Benedict with Color Image

    I placed it in the front door so evil spirit will go away

    Edgar Mallari

  • 5 Apr 8th 2020

    I love this home blessing it’s a wonderful addition to my new home. I would recommend it to anyone.

    Debbie Piper

  • 5 Mar 14th 2019
    Home blessing with color image of st. Benedict

    It's beautiful. I wish that you had it in English. I would like one for my self

    Mary E Sirois

  • 4 Sep 8th 2016
    St. Benedict House Blessing

    I received the St. Benedict House Blessing sacramental & was disappointed to see that the prayer card is in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish, so I removed the prayer card. I would still like to have the prayer card in English, so I could pray it.

    Laura kropke

  • 5 Sep 8th 2016
    St Benedict House blessing medal

    I bought this as a house warming gift. It is very nice. The materials are well put together and it is a nice size to hang on the wall.

    Viki H

  • 5 May 18th 2016
    Safe at home!??

    Well it has done an absolutely fantastic job (as best as I can tell). I hang this blessing on my bedroom door knob. This blessing can be seen there and in the living room. The blessing is not overly noticeable and when it is noticed it is a good conversation starter.

    James Collins

  • 5 Mar 15th 2016

    I absolutely love this beautiful blessing piece! I only wish the actual blessing was in English. I have tried to get it translated but not very successfully, verbatim. I love it just the same! :)


  • 4 Jan 17th 2016
    Saint Benedict Home Blessing

    My one disappointment with this is that I have been unable to find out what the different items represent. The card with it is in Spanish and I don't know if that describes it or if it is a prayer. However, since I do not know Spanish, it doesn't do me any good regardless. I will hang it above my front door so everyone who comes in will pass under it.


  • 5 May 30th 2015

    Love it, only wish the blessing was in English.

    Charlene Leestma

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