How to Make Sense of Suffering

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Marguerite Duportal
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  • How to Make Sense of Suffering
  • Author: Marguerite Duportal
  • Helps us to understand why our sufferings are vital elements in God’s loving plan
  • Learn how to conquer any trouble and gain happiness and peace

These pages will help you gain happiness and peace by showing you how to understand — and conquer — any trouble, no matter how great. Here you’ll learn how to avoid the mistakes most of us make when we’re suffering — mistakes that only make our burdens heavier. You’ll come to see that misfortunes are not the blind workings of chance, but are vital elements in God’s loving plan. With the wisdom in these pages, you’ll soon be using your troubles as instruments to unleash God’s healing power in your soul.

Here you’ll discover:

  •   How to preserve your peace even amid troubles you can’t avoid
  •   Pain: the surprising role it can play in God’s loving plan for you
  •   Suicidal? Why this suffering world is better than no world at all
  •   How to find the beauty hidden in the most unappealing duties
  •   Peace with God: how bearing your suffering well can lead you to Him quickly and directly
  •   The very worst temptation you’ll face in your troubles — and how to prepare for it in good times
  •   Hope: how you can gain the life-transforming power of this virtue
  •   How you can bring Christ’s light to others in their own sorrow
  •   How to turn even your worst troubles into opportunities for good
  •   Why suffering is no compelling argument against Faith
  •   Despair: the amazing way you can avoid giving in to it, no matter how heavy your burdens
  •   And a wealth of practical wisdom to help you sing God’s praises even in the worst of times!

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