How to Serve: In Simple, Solemn, and Pontifical Functions

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Dom Matthew Britt, O.S.B.
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  • How to Serve: In Simple, Solemn, and Pontifical Functions
  • Excellent, practical read
  • Important for anyone who serves at Our Lord's altar
  • Contains more than 24 diagrams showing various actions and positions
  • Includes servers responses for the 1962 Latin Mass

The ever-increasing interest in the Liturgical Traditions of the Church gives rise to the need for adequately trained altar servers and what better way to assist than to resurrect this classic!

This famous handbook is an invaluable resource for all altar boys from beginning to advanced. Though written for Instructors, this manual can also be used for home study, schools and sacristies.

Dom Matthew Britt begins by offering specific instructions on common ceremonial actions, including: how to make the proper bow, how to light the candles, and how to carry the Missal.

He also walks the servers step-by-step through Low Mass (with one or two servers), High Mass, Solemn High Masses, Nuptial and Requiem Masses, Vespers and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Contains more than 24 diagrams showing the various actions and positions of acolytes, Thurifer, Master of Ceremonies, Sub-Deacon, and Deacon.

Includes servers responses for the 1962 Latin Mass.


"How to Serve is a brief and clear manual from 1934 that is simply the best book of its kind. It will once again become the standard reference for acolytes, handing on to young servers the disciplines necessary for reverent Catholic ceremonies. Every altar boy 'should realize that...he is , after the priest, and in the absence of other priests or Sacred Ministers, the closest one in the whole church to our Divine Savior in the Blessed Sacrament. Occupying this very important position in his parish, an Altar Boy's conduct should be exemplary at all times and in all places.'"
- Rev. Joseph W. Kavanagh, author of The Altar Boys Ceremonial

  • Softcover
  • Pages-146

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  • 5 Sep 21st 2009
    A great resource

    Very helpful book for learning how to serve. Covers everything from Low Mass to Solemn High Pontifical Mass. Pros: Easy To Understand, Very thorough


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