Humility Rules: Saint Benedict's 12-Step Guide to Genuine Self-Esteem

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J. Augustine Wetta, O.S.B.
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  • Humility Rules: Saint Benedict's 12-Step Guide to Genuine Self-Esteem
  • A humorous, candid guide to growing in humility
  • Delightfully illustrated
  • A brilliant 12-step guide for any Catholic

Saint Benedict's fifth-century guide to humility offers the antidote to the epidemic of stress and depression overwhelming modern young adults. But the language of The Rule by Saint Benedict is medieval, and its most passionate advocates are cloistered monks and nuns. How then does this ancient wisdom translate into advice for ordinary people?

With candor, humor, and a unique approach to classical art, Father Augustine, a high school teacher and coach, breaks down Saint Benedict's method into twelve pithy steps for finding inner peace in a way that can be applied to anyone's life.

Drawing upon his own life experiences, both before and after becoming a Benedictine monk, the author explains every step, illustrating each chapter with color reproductions of sacred art that he has embellished with comic flourishes. The winsome combination is sure to keep readers from taking themselves too seriously—which is already a first step on the path to humility.

About the Author

J. Augustine Wetta, O.S.B., is a monk of Saint Louis Abbey.  He serves as the Director of Chaplaincy at the Saint Louis Priory School, where he teaches English and Theology, and coaches rugby.  During his spare time, Father Augustine supervises the juggling team, cultivates carnivorous plants, raises carpenter ants, and surfs.

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  • 5 Jul 8th 2020
    Humility Rules by Wetta

    This is an excellent book for all who are striving to follow the Lord in humility and love. Fr. Wetta writes about a path to holiness in contemporary language using the Rule of Saint Benedict. Known as the "father of Western monasticism, " St. Benedict of Nursia was an Italian religious reformer whose Rule was initially intended for 6th century monks; however, Fr. Wetta's well-written, cleverly illustrated, and contemporized version of St. Benedict's work is a beacon for 21st century men and women who seek the presence of God and a life of holiness.

    Margaret Andrews

  • 5 Jun 7th 2019
    Great Book!

    Such a great book! I love when I can learn important lessons but also be entertained and have a good laugh at the same time. J Augustine Wetta O.S.B. does an amazing job at teaching St Benedict's rules on Humility in a way we can relate to in today's day in age. Will definitely be recommending this book to others!


  • 5 Jun 5th 2019
    Humility Rules

    Very enjoyable and helpful, too. I didn't realize that there were pictures, as well!


  • 5 Jun 4th 2019

    was very insightful and a very good read

    Philip Connor

  • 5 Jun 3rd 2019
    Humility Rules::St Benedict's: 12 Step Guide to Genuine Self-esteem

    Wonderfully written with insights presented with humor.

    Kathy B

  • 5 Apr 23rd 2019
    Humility Rules

    This book is very good. This was my second purchase for this book because I could not find it. After reading this book there was much I remembered and referred back to it and I also wanted to use a section for my class (Jr. High School) and that is why I had to purchase it again. Truly it was an awesome book and one that I still use the author's words of wisdom.

    Mary Goad

  • 5 Nov 30th 2018
    Good Book

    Good Book- interesting- easy read. Would recommend.


  • 5 Oct 18th 2018

    Great book. Funny and a quick read. Great lessons for all.

    Lynne Komanec

  • 5 Oct 12th 2018
    Excellent Read

    Humility Rules is an excellent and short read. It's Truth mixed with humor. Nearly finished, I'll loan it to a sibling to read. It's printed on high-quality paper. Great read for Catholics or any Christian.


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