I Would Like to Travel the World & St. Therese Sacrifice Bracelet (2 Gift Set)

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  • I Would Like to Travel the World
  • Fascinating and amazing miracles of St. Therese
  • Stories of her intercession from around the world
  • St. Therese Sacrifice Bracelet
  • Sacrifice beads "good deed beads"
  • Simple devotional inspired by St. Therese
      I Would Like to Travel the World

      Since the turn of the twentieth century, “Thérèse the miracle-worker” has “let fall a shower of roses” ― thousands of real-life miracles ― experienced by people of every walk of life worldwide, from World War I soldiers to children, from monks to James Bond–like figures. Fascinating modern-day healings are recorded in this book; through them you will see how God’s merciful love always waits for those who believe.

      St. Thérèse’s relics have traveled in jets, a military plane, and a helicopter; in a police car, a firetruck, a cruise ship, and a steamer; on horseback; and on a sled pulled by dogs. “Has there been a saint in two thousand years of Christianity who has undertaken such a trip to five continents, attracted millions of people, provoked a spontaneous evangelization, and brought out, in front of astonished pastors, crowds of people ― many of whom usually don’t bother with churches?” wrote Guy Gaucher, bishop emeritus of Bayeux and Lisieux.

      In these pages you will read testimonies about the Little Flower’s intervention in the lives of:

      • A doctor whose small son had serious health issues and received an inexplicable cure
      • An alcoholic atheist who was converted through a series of miracles
      • Individuals with cancer, or who were near death or paralyzed, and suddenly recovered
      • A survivor of abuse who received spiritual healing and the gift of faith
      • A toddler who was cured of second-degree burns
      • Those suffering from depression or disillusionment who encountered Christ and found joy

      You will come to understand the two reasons why the proclamation of St. Thérèse as Doctor of the Church was revolutionary. Moreover, you will see how “the little Doctor” lived one of the most faithfully and universally apostolic lives in the history of the Church and became God’s “spokesperson” even while living a secluded existence. All throughout this exciting book, Gaucher unveils Thérèse’s spiritual insights, which have been compared to those of St. Thomas Aquinas.

      This book will inflame your heart to live in confidence and imitate the spiritual childhood of “the greatest saint of modern times” (as Pope St. Pius X called her). You will meet “Thérèse the missionary,” who ― though, in her life, she never left her convent ― has traveled the world with her intercession, writings, and prayers. The Little Flower’s wisdom, fueled by the Holy Spirit’s light, continues to illuminate all who encounter her, including those who come out in droves to venerate her relics.

      St. Therese Sacrifice Bracelet

      As a child, St. Therese the "Little Flower" used a string of beads to count her sacrifices and acts of love done for God. In that way she was able to advance in perfection daily. You too can grow in holiness by following the example of the Little Flower. Perfect for helping to form virtuous hearts and minds! Each time you make a sacrifice or do a good deed, offer it up to God and pull a bead to keep track of them throughout the day. Personalization is available. 

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      I Would Like to Travel the World

      • Author: Guy Gaucher
      • Pages: 320
      • Format: Paperback

      St. Therese Sacrifice Bracelet

      • 7.5" (L)
      • Toggle clasp
      • Glass Czech beads
      • Engraving available
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      I Would Like to Travel the World & St. Therese Sacrifice Bracelet (2 Gift Set)