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The Ignatius Bible - RSV 2nd Edition (Leather)

The Ignatius Bible - RSV 2nd Edition (Leather)

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4.666666 / 5 stars
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Product Description

  • The Ignatius Bible - RSV 2nd Edition (Leather)
  • Completely re-designed and newly typeset with 9 point font size
  • Wider margins and improved line-spacing for comfortable reading
  • The RSV 2nd Catholic edition is the only Bible translation that uses standard (non-feminist) English
  • Gold-edged pages, bonded leather cover


A newly designed and typeset edition of the popular Ignatius Revised Standard Version-Catholic Edition Bible. This contemporary English translation revises archaic language of the first edition, but avoids dumbing-down the text. It retains the beauty of the RSV language that makes the Ignatius Bible such a joy to read. Now the only contemporary Catholic Bible translation in standard English is even more beautiful in word and design!

In conformity with the Church's translation guidelines found in the Vatican document Liturgiam Authenticam.

Nine color reference maps are also included:

1. The Nations of Genesis Chapter 10
2. The Exodus from Egypt
3. The Conquest of Canaan
4. The Kingdom Years
5. Jerusalem - From David to Christ
6. Palestine in Christ's Time
7. Paul's First and Second Journeys
8. Paul's Third and Fourth Journeys
9. The Holy Land in Modern Times

Gold-edged pages on the leatherbound edition only.

Available in the following syles:
Bonded leather (Item #1011249)
Hardcover (Item #1011250)
Softcover (Item #1011251)

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 6 x 9 x 1 inches
  • ISBN: 9780898709360
  • Language: English
  • Translation: Ignatius (RSV) Bible
  • Pages: 1070
  • Format: Bonded leather

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Reviews - The Ignatius Bible - RSV 2nd Edition (Leather)

Average Customer Rating
(4.67/5 Stars, 24 Ratings) Based on 24 Reviews

Best Bible

Review: This is by far my favorite Bible and I have several. This is the one I'll keep my entire life and wear out. I love it. It's beautiful, great high quality, and easy to read. I've had my a couple of years and I'm starting to see a lot of priests using this one now so I know it's good. Get this Bible for yourself or as a gift. I can't imagine anyone not loving this Bible.

Beautiful Bible

Review: I just received this Bible in the mail today. The cover is visually stunning and I positively love it. No frills if you're looking for space to write in the margins and having verses explained to you. If you just want the Word of God and, nothing else, this is definitely the Bible for you. The print is small but not too small. I can definitely read it but that could be an issue for others. I highly recommend this Bible.

The Ignatius Bible RSV Second Edition (Leather)

Review: I really like this bible, considering I use to have an NIV. The only thing I would suggest is to have Jesus words in red. Overall I would recommend this bible to anyone.

The ignatious Bible

Review: Love the book,very informative and easy to read/understand.

Love the Ignatius Bible - RSV 2nd edition

Review: I attended a retreat on Lectio Divina and this Bible was highly recommended by the facilitator. I waited to get one until I got home and purchased it through The Catholic Company. I am very pleased with the Bible and the service I always get from The Catholic Company.

Ignatius bible

Review: Excellent bindings, and beautiful cover! The bible lends itself, to comprehensive study. Scott does an excellent job in content analysis. This is my favorite bible.....

Very Impressed

Review: It is very good for daily reading and the gold foil on the front is very fine and detailed! As an added bonus it was printed in the USA.

Not for me

Review: Didn't like the print size.

very nice

Review: I bought this because my bible study teacher has one and recommends it as the closest to accurate bible translation. (My other one is written in too contemporary a language.) Nice soft, flexible leather cover. I gave it four stars because it does not have a concordance or an intro to each book (writer, date, etc.)nor extensive footnotes for text clarification.

Love it

Review: Such a beautiful bible, i bought this for my husband for his birthday and now my little brother wants the same exact one. Thanks so much.

Ignatius Bible RSV

Review: Beautifully made...a joy to read...a masterpiece and the print is just right. Pages turn easily....everything professional...the best bible I own.

Ignatius Bible

Review: I've only had this bible a couple of months and I love it. I have several bibles and this is by far my favorite. I'm thinking of ordering another one just to have when I wear this one out. I can't put it down. The only con is Jesus words aren't in red.

Ignatius Bible

Review: I would say that this bible is very easy to read with the larger print and the layout is easy to follow,the weight of each individual page is very good as it's not easy to tear the pages while reading.

Nice Bible but...

Review: I purchased the Ignatius Bible for myself last fall. I enjoy the RSV translation and the Bible itself. The only problem I have is that the gold is rubbing off the pictures on the front, especially Jesus. I don't abuse it by placing anything on top of it. A couple of times I put it in a bag to take with me on a trip along with some other books. That may have caused the ink to rub off, which is a disappointment. The publisher needs to come up with a way to prevent this from happening.

The Ignatius Bible

Review: This bible is a very good product I love it, the print makes it easy to read I only wish I had ordered the hard cover! but overall it's great!

Beautiful book

Review: There is no downside to this Bible. Best Uses: Daily meditations; Cons: none; Pros: Beautifully crafted, Excellent translation

A wonderful Bible

Review: The Ignatius Bible would be exceptional in the hard bound version, (wish I paid the extra cost), because you will want to read it often and pass it down to your children! Best Uses: DAILY READING; Cons: Jesus words not highlight; Pros: A true gem, Easy To Read, Great subject headings

I love this Bible!

Review: I am using this Bible in a study group and my own personal reading. I love the print and the color of the paper. It is very easy to read anywhere in any light. I love this translation and even recognize the 23rd Psalm unlike other translations.


Review: The RSV Bible is beautiful!

Great Resource

Review: I bought this bible as a companion to the Ignatius study series. I was pleasantly surprised by its richness, and the off-white paper which makes it easy to read. This is my fifth bible, and is my preferred text. Best Uses: Daily bible reading, Reference for study; Cons: I can't think of one; Pros: Attractive in leather, Easy To Read, Feels good in hands, Good addition to library, Nicely Printed

I love this Bible!

Review: I couldn't ask for a nicer Bible Best Uses: Bible study, Morning devotions, Read at bedtime; Cons: none; Pros: The cover is beautiful, The large print is great


Review: This is definetly awesome! It's definetly worth it, by far! Just buy it, it's so much better in person, you can always send it back, but I couldn't I love it!! Pros: It's very well made

Refreshingly devout

Review: Reading this bible is like a cool water on a hot day. The language is faithful to scholarship and to orthodox Catholic Tradition. The typeset and chapter headings are simple and logical. The bible itself is made with quality binding and is sturdy. When I see an interesting verse elsewhere, I note the passage and later look it up in this bible. Pros: Beautiful language, Great scholarship, Quality Paper, Simple format

delivers God's words, easy to read

Review: When I hold the soft leather is like a well coming that invites me to feel closer to God in a holy intimacy, that only my creator is able to alloud me to feel. Love the referencer. Thank you, Esperanza Mendieta-Brooks, MD Best Uses: Holdpraymeditate; Cons: none; Pros: Durable, Good Value, High Quality
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