Ignatius Catholic Study Bible - The Gospel of Mark 2nd Edition

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New larger format, featuring larger text size and additional margin space for personal annotations! The larger format enhances both individual and group study.

Based on the Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition, this volume leads readers through a penetrating study of the Gospel of Mark, using the biblical text itself and the Church's own guidelines for understanding the Bible. Ample notes accompany each page, providing fresh insights and commentary by renowned Bible teachers Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch, as well as time-tested interpretations from the Fathers of the Church. These helpful study notes make explicit what St. Mark often assumes. Or they provide rich historical, cultural, geographical or theological information pertinent to the Gospel – information that bridges the distance between the biblical world and our own. The Ignatius Study Bible also includes Topical Essays, Word Studies and Charts. The Topical Essays explore the major themes of Mark's Gospel, often relating them to the doctrines of the Church. The Word Studies explain the background to important Bible terms, while the Charts summarize crucial biblical information "at a glance". Each page also includes an easy-to-use Cross-Reference Section that runs between the biblical text at the top of the page and the annotations at the bottom. Study Questions are provided for each chapter of the Gospel that can deepen your personal study of God's Holy Word. There is also an introductory essay covering questions of authorship, date, destination, structure and themes. An outline of Mark's Gospel and several maps are also included.



8-1/2" x 11"

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  • 3 Feb 17th 2009
    Type too small

    I brought the book to my <a class="autolink" href="http://www.catholiccompany.com/bible-studies-c828/">bible study</a> and we probably won't use it, not because of the content which I'm assuming is very good, but because the type is WAY TOO small. It seems that maybe the cost was kept lower to print the book by using smaller type or something. But since we couldn't sit comfortably in the room and read it together without getting out reading glasses and turning on all the possilbe light in the room, we won't be using it as a group. I was very disappointed.


  • 4 Nov 11th 2008
    Excellent commentary

    I've written a series of <a class="autolink" href="http://www.catholiccompany.com/bible-studies-c828/">bible studies</a> that use the Navarre as their accompanying text. Very well received in many parishes (we are self-published)with great feedback on the Navarre text. Wish the Navarre offered a bit more apologetic information where applicable to certain passages. Pros: Durable, Good Value, High Quality


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