The Imitation of Christ with Zippered Cover

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Thomas á Kempis
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  • Imitation of Christ
  • A must-have classic for every Catholic home
  • Beautiful zippered cover
  • Classic translation

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas á Kempis is a favorite devotional book throughout the world. It speaks to the soul of every Christian, reminding us of the fleeting nature of earthly joy as opposed to the eternity of happiness with God. This new edition from TAN Books preserves the traditional language with added desirable features including a durable bonded leather cover with zipper, gilded pages, and many beautiful illustrations. Translated from the original Latin by Bishop Richard Challoner.


About the Author: Thomas á Kempis was born at Kempen, Germany, circa 1380. After joining the monastery of Mount St. Agnes in 1406, he received Holy Orders and busied himself with prolific writing and copying work. His books include the well-known Imitation of Christ, Life of Geert Groote, and Life of Liduina of Schiedam. He also possessed an earnest love for the poor and Holy Scripture. Thomas á Kempis died on the twenty-fifth of July, in 1471.

  • Approx. 4.25" X 7"
  • Bonded leather cover
  • Illustrated

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  • 5 Mar 30th 2018
    Outstanding edition!!

    This is the first edition I purchased and it is far superior the the other edition which I also purchased. This version uses classical English: Thee, Thou, Thine, etc. The printing plates are also from the original artist. This an outstanding edition of this great work; I highly recommend it.

    Gwaredd Thomas

  • 5 Mar 12th 2018
    The Imitation of Christ

    These were the third and fourth books of this title. I have one for myself and one each for my grandchildren's Confirmations and one for a convert who is entering the Church this Easter. Hope that they like them as much as, I like mine.

    Donald Seger

  • 5 Aug 16th 2016
    Imitation of Christ with personalization and zipper closure

    Having purchased a personalized copy of the Imitation of Christ for myself, and seeing how beautiful it turned out, I ordered one for a friend's son for his confirmation. I love the gold lettering and the fact that this book has a zipper closure, to hold any notes or holy cards forever intact. This gift is sure to never disappoint. Thank you for offering such a beautiful book.


  • 4 Jun 19th 2016
    The Imitation of Christ

    The leather covering is really quite nice and my friend who became Catholic was delighted. I would like to suggest; however, that the engraving be printed a little smaller as the letters were quite large. thanks for the wonderful book.

    Jane Robbins

  • 5 Apr 15th 2016
    ...very impressed to one who isn't easily impressed!

    ...I've had many various copies of this classic...this one is my new fav for sure! Obviously the text is off the charts...but this has astonishing artwork with the covers...and the zippered leather the hook! I love it...

    Scott Frentzel

  • 5 Feb 29th 2016
    Mother Theresa carried this book her whole life!

    I purchased this book for a friend's 89th birthday. She has many religious books, but didn't have this book. She is excited about reading it, but is a bit worried about the old English.

    Mackenzie Barrett

  • 5 May 8th 2015
    The Imitation of Christ

    I find that The Imitation of Christ provides the path to understanding many aspects of my faith in a comfortable, comprehensive manner. I find that when I read but a couple of passages, but seek to dwell on them to understand them fully, I tend to face my day in a more relaxed, serene way. I feel that I gain much from it's use and am very pleased that I have it as a faith resource.

    Donald Seger

  • 5 May 7th 2015
    Imitation of Christ

    I ordered the leather zippered cover of The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis. It was a gift for my adult son's Confirmation; I also had it personalized. The quality was superb and was received in a very timely manner. Thank you.


  • 1 Apr 6th 2015
    Not what I expected

    I wish I could have read some excerpts from the book before I bought it.

    Joyce Langston

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