Imitation of Christ by Thomas á Kempis

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Thomas á Kempis
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  • Imitation of Christ
  • A renowned classic
  • Complete and unabridged
  • Leatherette binding

Originally published anonymously in the early 15th century, The Imitation of Christ is probably the most widely read and influential spiritual book after the Bible. Emerging from the 14th century religious movement Modern Devotion (Devotio Moderna) of which author Thomas á Kempis was a member, this spiritual classic is a meditation on the spiritual life.

While first intended as an ascetic work for young monks in training, its keen sense of human nature addresses the spiritual journey of every Christian. For over 600 years, this timeless work has reached the hearts of both saints and sinners. Probing questions about the meaning of life and showing how to live out the teachings of Jesus, The Imitation of Christ has inspired religious devotion and conversion. Encouraging the renunciation of worldly vanities and vices, Thomas á Kempis shows us how to lead a disciplined life characterized by simplicity, humility, and charity. His practical and wisdom-filled insights guide us in our spiritual growth and aspiration to eternal life.

This beautifully bound edition contains the unabridged text of the four books of The Imitation of Christ — Useful Admonitions for a Spiritual Life, Admonitions Concerning the Interior Life, Interior Consolation, and The Sacrament of the Altar — translated by Sr. M. Nazarene Prestofilippo, FSP. These books are broken down into chapters, each of which is followed by a prayer and reflection to apply the reading to everyday life. A helpful appendix is also included, offering reading suggestions organized by reader type and subject matter.

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  • 5 Mar 29th 2019
    A wonderful edition

    Beautifully bound, this translation of The Imitation of Christ is one of my favorites, and I'm reading a little of it every day during Lent. It is easy to read.


  • 5 Mar 15th 2019
    The Imitation of Christ

    I have been using the one I bought as a fourteen year old in 1958, but when I go visiting I don't want to take it with me for fear of losing it so I bought this one and it is absolutely perfect and the quality is excellent. It does not have the original artwork but it does have reflections and an added prayer with each entry.

    Valerie Yeager

  • 5 Sep 12th 2018
    the Imitation of Christ

    I have had this beautiful Book for many years, I read a chapter first thing in morning and during the day when I feel lonely,angry,depressed this has changed my life and gives me hope and peace, I have giving this to some of my Friends that are not Catholics and they love it.I have seven daughter this book along with a Rosary & booklet "Pray the Rosary" will be my Christmas Gift for them this year I hope & Pray that this gifts will make a difference in there life, God Bless


  • 5 Apr 26th 2016
    The Imitation of Christ

    Excellent guide for self improvement.

    Chrystyna Kosacz

  • 5 Apr 8th 2016
    The Imitation of Christ

    EXCELLENT! I wish I found this book sooner. Love it's readablity and I really like the way it makes you STOP AND THINK. I highly recommend this book for all Christians. A must read.

    Chrystyna Kosavcz

  • 5 Mar 19th 2016
    peace and understanding

    this book has enlightened me in so many also makes me feel so peaceful when I read it. I never thought that I would enjoy this book so very makes me feel closer to GOD..

    helen m saboo

  • 5 Feb 3rd 2016
    Love it!!

    I love this book! It is very inspiring and I read from it every night before I go to sleep.


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