Jerome Lejeune - A Man of Science and Conscience

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  • Facinating story of one of the pioneers of modern genetics
  • Discovered the gene defect that causes Down Syndrome
  • Interviews with his family and collaborators
  • A book about a scientist who believed in the sacred nature of every human life
  • Must read for those in the sciences and those dedicated to defense of the unborn

The intelligence of one is a gift for all. Such is the case of Jérôme Lejeune, an extraordinary man who put his brilliance at the service of children with Down syndrome.

A pioneer of modern genetics, Dr. Lejeune discovered the chromosomal defect that causes Down’s. International acclaim followed, but more important to this doctor—dazzled by the beauty of every human life—was improving the care of his patients with this abnormality. As a man of both science and conscience, he advocated for their dignity, and he suffered attacks on his reputation as a result.

To write this definitive biography, Aude Dugast spent eleven years consulting thousands of archives. She met at length with Lejeune’s wife and relatives, families of his patients, and his French and foreign collaborators. She invites us to discover the true and untold portrait of Jérôme Lejeune—brilliant scientist close to the great figures of this world, devoted husband and father, and ardent defender of the little ones.

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  • Author: Aude Dugast
  • 398 pages
  • Softcover
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Ignatius Press
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Jerome Lejeune - A Man of Science and Conscience