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Jesus Beads

Jesus Beads

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Jesus Beads
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Product Description

  • Olive wood Jesus beads
  • Attractive case with Jerusalem Cross
  • Traditional devotional tool
  • Nicely packaged for gift-giving


A strand of 100 wooden beads, the Jesus Beads are a devotional tool honoring the name of Jesus and imploring the mercy of God. Marked with a wooden Jerusalem cross, the beads may be tucked in a stamped black pouch (included) for protected transport and storage. The beads and cross are handcrafted using the pruned branches of the olive trees growing on the hills of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. 

A printed card includes a brief explanation and history: Jesus Beads originated in the tradition of the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches. Called a chotki, the strand may have as many as 100 beads or as few as 25. The chotki is traditionally used as a silent "breath prayer", with "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God" prayed on inhalation and "have mercy on me, a sinner" prayed on exhalation. This is known as the Jesus Prayer, or the Prayer of the Heart, which invokes the Holy Name of Jesus and implores His divine mercy. (You can read about the "Jesus Prayer" in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraphs 2665-2669.)

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Olive wood
  • Jesus beads: 14" (L)
  • Pouch: 4" x 4"
  • Boxed for gift giving
  • Developed by the monks of Saint Meinrad Archabbey
  • Occasion: Confirmation

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Reviews - Jesus Beads

Average Customer Rating
(4.97/5 Stars, 31 Ratings) Based on 31 Reviews

Beautiful Meditation

Review: An ancient form of devotion that I have made a part of my faith life. As a Martial Artist I know the importance of focused breathing, and these prayer beads allows me to train my power breathing while at the same time reflect my love for the Lord Jesus. A very simple, yet beautiful string of beads that will most certainly enhamce one's daily prayers.

Jesus Beads From Holy Land

Review: These beads adds to my prayer life in a constructive and easy way that is positively awesome. Easy to carry and so beautiful. A great credit to the wonderful tradition of silent "breath prayer". Highly recommend this purchase.


Review: This item had been received in a timely manner. Thank you.

Drawing closer to Jesus

Review: Praying the beads to various scriptures from the Bible, reflecting on Jesus is such a peaceful way to fall asleep.

Wonderful Product

Review: These Jesus Beads are great quality and the pouch it came in was good quality and keeps the beads protected. The instruction were helpful for how to pray with them.

Jesus Beads

Review: Beautiful and well made. Love to say the prayer. Has really added to my prayer life


Review: Exactly what I was looking for. I don't know if I realized it came with the pouch but it's a fine addition.

Jesus Beads

Review: These beautiful beads with the Jerusalem Cross were purchased for a friend who is a humble servant of our lord....As was my desire....they are a source of comfort for him and reflection on Jesus.... Simply perfect!

Beautiful beads

Review: These beads are well-made, beautifully packaged (would make a great gift). I was very pleased with my purchase and look forward to beginning this practice.

Great prayer

Review: I love that it is an easy prayer when you just want to be quiet, you just focus on Jesus and asking for mercy. I have also wore it as a necklace, it hangs on my wall when I am not using it, it looks great hanging on the wall.

Jesus, what more can I say.

Review: I was anxiously awaiting the delivery of this product. I like to spend time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. These beads give me the opportunity to remember Jesus throughout the day and when I cannot get to a Tabernacle. Best Uses: Everyday praying; Cons: none; Pros: Easy to handle store

Jesus Beads are a Great Buy

Review: I like the Jesus Beads because I pray on a daily basis. This has helped me strengthen my belief with Jesus.


Review: received as promised. thank you.

Jesus Beads

Review: My daughter loves these. She uses them to pray The Jesus Prayer.

Nice beads and great pouch

Review: good for meditation and breathing exercise

What a unique find

Review: They are beautiful The case is compact for carrying them with you wherever you go. Using the Jesus beads is another peaceful way to find comfort.

Perfect, special, love it!

Review: Substantial, heavy piece. Love it.

Just What I Needed/Wanted

Review: During the day, if I'm going out, and might have to wait, I take them with me. At night, they help me wind down at the end of the day. The last thing I think of at night is Jesus. What could be better? Best Uses: Honoring Our Lord, Meditation, Relaxation; Cons: I can't think of any; Pros: can be used anywhere, Compact, Easy to use

I bounght two, one for me and one a gift

Review: Once I received my order, I was really touched by the beads' history and meaning. As a result I purchased the beads for a dear friend. She loves the beads and they have a special place on her home altar.

Simplicity itself!

Review: Most of the time my mind races 50 miles an hour. The Jesus Prayer and these beautiful beads slow my thoughts down and help me get anchored in Christ. Thank you Catholic Company, for making the beads available.

Great gift for anybody

Review: It's beautifully made and help me to relax by praying and breathing slowly at the same time. I got one for myself and other for one of my best friends.

Jesus Beads

Review: These Jesus beads are light and can be carried easily - they are an excellent aid to prayer, I cannot praise the utter awe-inspiring beauty of the cross enough. Pros: Beautiful pouch, Easy to Carry, Made in USA, Splendid Cross

Great Devotional Tool

Review: Great devotional item. A reminder that God does not demand complicated prayers for us to be heard. Praying the Jesus beads takes us back to the history of christian prayer and gives one a true sense of the presence of God when praying this simple but wonderful supplication to the Lord.

Love this!

Review: I love these beads! Great for prayer, memorization, and meditation for devotional purposes. The paint on the cross may come off under certain conditions, or just over a long period of time, but the metal underneath is beautiful all the same. Enjoy to the glory of God!


Review: Classic design, beautifully executed.

Another Great Way to Pray

Review: These bead are another great way to get closer to Jesue. By practicing the prayer as intended, you are both praising Jesus and doing both a simple yet effective meditation. Invoking the name of Jesus brings both blessing and help to keep potential evil spirits from coming into your life. Best Uses: Stress reliever; Pros: Easy to Carry, Exellent Prayer, Relieves stress

Add to Your Prayer Life

Review: Another way to add to your prayer life to meditation, and talking with God.

Fantastic. Simple yet elegant.

Review: Excellent craftsmanship.[...].

Great alternative to a rosary

Review: Great for that friend that is religious and seems to have everything. Useful prayer tool. Cons: Needs better instructions; Pros: Made with quality


Review: [...] Pros: Great gift idea, Great info packet, Very pretty

Wonderful prayer enhancer!

Review: Use as prayer tool. Best Uses: To calm self for prayer, To glorify God in new way; Cons: A Little Pricey; Pros: Durable, High Quality
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