Jesus of Nazareth

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  • Jesus of Nazareth
  • The classic work by Pope Benedict XVI
  • Profound and thought-provoking
  • A wonderful way to draw closer to Christ

In the beginning pages of his book Pope Benedict states that Jesus of Nazareth is "an expression of my personal search 'for the face of the Lord' (Psalm 27:8). Everyone is free, then, to contradict me. I would only ask my readers for that initial good will without which there can be no understanding."

In this inspiring well-argued, and thoughtful book Benedict sums up two thousand years of Christian insight about the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Who is Jesus? According to the wildly popular book and film, The Da Vinci Code, Jesus was merely a human figure whose original message was distorted by his followers. Not so, argues Pope Benedict XVI The early Christians did not misinterpret Jesus. Indeed, their understanding of Jesus is the one that makes the most sense based on the historical evidence.

"Who do men say that I am?" Jesus asked his disciples. The answer to that question is as crucial and timely today as when it was first asked two thousand years ago. Jesus Christ remains the pivotal figure of human history.

In his first major book written as Pope, Benedict XVI looks at various answers to the question of Jesus' identity. He shows in a "theological narrative" how the Christ of the Gospels, the Jesus of the Church's faith, is the genuine Jesus of history. He presents Jesus as someone we can know personally, and someone who knows and loves us. And who sacrificed himself for our salvation.

Jesus of Nazareth also continues the conversation about the relationship of Christianity and other world religions. Benedict XVI affirms the truth found in other religions, but he also expresses the Christian conviction that Jesus, the Word of God made flesh, embodies the fullness of truth, God's immense love for the world.

Table of Contents

Publisher's Note

INTRODUCTION: An Initial Reflection on the Mystery of Jesus

CHAPTER ONE: The Baptism of Jesus

CHAPTER TWO: The Temptations of Jesus

CHAPTER THREE: The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

CHAPTER FOUR: The Sermon on the Mount
-- The Beatitudes
-- The Torah of the Messiah

CHAPTER FIVE: The Lord's Prayer
-- Our Father Who Art in Heaven
-- Hallowed Be Thy Name
-- Thy Kingdom Come
-- They Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven
-- Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
-- And Forgive Us Our Trespasses, as We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us
-- And Lead Us Not Into Temptation
-- But Deliver Us From Evil

CHAPTER SIX: The Disciples

CHAPTER SEVEN: The Message of the Parables
-- The Nature and Purpose of the Parables
-- Three Major Parables from the Gospel of Luke

CHAPTER EIGHT: The Principal Images of John's Gospel
-- Introduction: The Johannine Question
-- The Principal Johannine Images (water, vine and wine, bread, the Sheperd)

CHAPTER NINE: Two Milestones on Jesus' Way: Peter's Confession and the Transfiguration
-- Peter's Confession
-- The Transfiguration

CHAPTER TEN: Jesus Declares His Identity
-- The Son of Man
-- The Son
-- "I Am"



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Pope Benedict XVI
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Jesus of Nazareth