Journeys of St. Paul - Board Game

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  • St. Paul Board Game
  • Become one of his messengers
  • Avoid danger as you carry his letters to secret destinations
  • Fun and formation in one
  • Great for families and kids

St. Paul didn’t spread the gospel alone. In fact, the book of Acts refers to numerous individuals who played key roles in his ministry. Each person had a different critical part to play, including those who delivered St. Paul’s letters to the newly established churches. This was a dangerous and arduous task. Messengers braved harsh wilderness, barren deserts — even the deadly Roman Legion! — to help St. Paul get his Epistles to Christian brothers and sisters in need of guidance and encouragement. 

In Journeys of Saint Paul, you will be one of several messengers dispatched to deliver one of St. Paul’s momentous letters. Your mission: Be the first to cross the city gate and deliver St. Paul’s letter to its secret destination. But beware! The Romans are intent on seeking and destroying all Christians, so the chase may be on! This adventure requires cleverness, courage, and tenacity — with billions of souls at stake. 


  • 1 Gameboard
  • 6 Messenger Pawns
  • 200 Challenge Cards 
  • 18 Roman Legion Tokens
  • 30 Keys (six of each color) 
  • 1 Manual

  • Up to 6 Players 
  • Board Game, Pawns, Tokens, Cards & Keys
  • Instruction Manual Included

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Journeys of St. Paul - Board Game


Journeys of St. Paul - Board Game