Justin and Mia Discover the Treasures of the Mass

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  • Great book for children
  • Helps them learn about the Church and the Mass
  • Justin & Mia take a tour with Fr. Martin
  • He explains what they see and hear
  • Wonderful gift for Catholic kids & great addition to your library
Justin and Mia step inside a church and meet Father Martin, who invites them to take part in the weekly celebration, saying, “Every Mass is like a treasure hunt.” Join Justin and Mia as they eagerly search for the treasure…and make the greatest discovery of all!

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  • Author: Anne-Isabelle Lacassagne, Isabelle Monnerot- Dumaine 
  • Pages: 40
    Format: Paperback
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Jesus: Holy Eucharist
Bayard, INC.

Justin and Mia Discover the Treasures of the Mass