The Last Hours of Jesus: From Gethsemane to Golgotha

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The Last Hours of Jesus: From Gethsemane to Golgotha
  • The Last Hours of Jesus: From Gethsemane to Golgotha

Each of the four Gospels tells only part of the story of Jesus . . . and all of them leave out background facts that are essential to understanding events surrounding Jesus’arrest, trial, and crucifixion.

That’s because the Gospels were written for readers already familiar with many of the persons, places, parties, and politics that governed events in those long-past days.Not so modern readers, twenty centuries later!

Which is why Fr. Ralph Gorman has here crafted a single, unforgettable, detailed account that combines material from all four Gospels with critically-important Old Testament passages, plus relevant facts from Jewish and Roman history, laws, traditions, and practices. He also includes helpful first century military, political, geographical, and archaeological information and keen depictions of Gospel places based on his three years residence there.

The result?

Arichly-textured, moment-by-moment account that brings to vivid life the powerful events that transpired between Jesus' Agony in the Garden and His death on the Cross – a narrative that actually provides a fuller treatment of the events of Passion Week than is found in any of the Gospels.

From The Last Hours of Jesus, you’ll come to learn scores of new – and often surprising – things, including:

  • The exact moment that Satan entered Judas
  • The dangerous political currents in Palestine that fueled the fatal events of Holy Week
  • Why Jesus refused to answer many of His accusers
  • Pontius Pilate: why he admired — but condemned — Jesus
  • Why, so quickly, Palm Sunday’s “Hosannas” led to Good Friday’s “Crucify him!”
  • Why, after His death, the Sanhedrin still feared Jesus
  • And much more to enrich your knowledge, understanding, and love of Jesus!
  • Fr.Ralph Gorman, C.P.

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  • 5 Apr 30th 2019
    Highly recommended

    I've read half the book and I'm already recommending to friends. Well written, keeps you interested. I am learning a lot about Jesus' crucifixion.

    Miriam Poe

  • 4 Apr 30th 2019
    the last hours of Jesus

    provided new insights into the 4 gospels and explained the background of the geopolitical events of the time. enjoyed the book beyond what i anticipated. also a quick read which i went back over sections which i wanted to soak in.


  • 5 Apr 14th 2019
    The Last Hours of Jesus: From Gethsemane to Golgotha

    The Last Hours of Jesus is a great help to understanding the last hours of Jesus. It fills in many of the pieces that are missing in the Gospels. Most people at the time knew much of the background and political conditions and the writers of the Gospels did not find it necessary to include hem in the Gospels. This manuscript helps fill in many of the details. Providing a greater depth of understanding of the passion of Our Lord.

    Maurice Kuebrich

  • 5 Apr 9th 2019
    The Last Hours of Jesus

    This is an excellent book about Jesus' Passion that goes far beyond the Gospels. It is well written, easy to read, yet filled with details about Christ's last hours. I highly recommend it.

    Frank Miles

  • 5 Apr 28th 2018
    The Last Hours of Jesus

    Good. I have been able to go deeper in to the Lord's life.

    Kevin McDermott

  • 5 Mar 20th 2018
    Deeply moving.

    I respectfully disagree with the previous review. This book is not at all "academic." It presents the background that helps us understand the Apostles, the Jewish people and priests, the Romans, and the world at the time--but it is also deeply moving and profoundly spiritual. I do not experience much "feeling" in my personal interior life, but this book has helped me to understand Our Lord's experience better, and has even filled my eyes with tears.


  • 4 Mar 18th 2018
    The Last Hours of Jesus

    The balance of spirituality and academia is slanted too much to academia.

    JAmes Fitzsimmons

  • 5 Mar 17th 2018
    The Last Hours of Christ

    I found the explanations in this book to be very interesting. When studying scriptures it is so helpful to know and understand the political and social climates of the time the events are happening. Father Gorman does a great job with this. I would highly recommend this book.

    Donna Barten

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