Letters to Women - Embracing the Feminine Genius in Everyday Life

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  • Explores what it means to be a Catholic woman
  • Letters from ordinary women living vibrantly faithful lives, each inspired by the teachings of feminine genius.

Together with women from across the country and all seasons of life, podcast host of “Letters to Women” Chloe Langr explores what it means to be a Catholic woman. Compiled together in these pages, you’ll find letters from ordinary women living vibrantly faithful lives, each inspired by the teachings of Pope Saint John Paul II on the feminine genius. Their stories profoundly illustrate that the feminine genius is not something women do, but rather something that is inherent to womanhood, and yet uniquely expressed by each individual woman. After all, the feminine genius is more than a buzzword to throw around in conversation; it’s meant to be lived out daily in every vocation.

The letters in these pages are from stay-at-home mothers, professionals, missionaries, and single women striving to offer the gift of their feminine genius to those around them amid widely varying situations. For one woman, living the feminine genius meant making the courageous decision to leave a fulfilling professional career to stay home with her first child. For another, it takes the form of continually pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone to live boldly for Christ. For another, it means drawing closer to Mary in all things. For every woman, welcoming the feminine genius means embracing her identity as a woman and living out the Catholic faith as God uniquely calls her.

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  • Author: Chloe Langr
  • Pages: 216
  • Format: Hardcover
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