Linking Your Beads:The Rosary's History, Mysteries, & Prayer

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Patricia Ann Kasten
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If you thought Archbishop Fulton Sheen and Lady Godiva had nothing in common, think again.

Whether you are a Rosary rookie or daily devotee, Linking Your Beads: The Rosary's History, Mysteries, and Prayers will give you a whole new perspective on the power of prayer with the Rosary!

As you learn the depth of faith behind this simple string of beads, prayers, and meditations, you'll find yourself equally enlightened and encouraged by journalist, author, and storyteller Patricia Kasten.

This unique Rosary book will keep you engaged, amazed, and turning pages as you learn about:

  • The history of the Rosary and its prayerful predecessors
  • The power of meditative prayer in various forms
  • The significant role of sacramentals in our walk of faith
  • The origins of each of the Rosary prayers and the Creed
  • The meaning and purpose of the Rosary's many colors, styles, and lengths

    And so much more...

    Above all, your Rosary devotions will leap to a higher level as you grow in faith and understanding of this powerful prayer.

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    • 5 Jun 12th 2012
      Information-rich resource

      As a Quaker/Baptist who loves to make and sell rosaries and chaplets, I found this a great basic resource for understanding many aspects of the rosary: history, variations, details about the prayers and mysteries, and spiritual enrichment. Its ecumenical spirit makes it great for sharing with non-Catholics who are curious; they may be helped to discover (as I did) that the rosary prayers and meditations are scripturally based and heavily emphasize Christ's life. (Most Protestants think it's all about Mary!) Any Christian can pray and love the rosary. I happily recommend it to anyone, whether beginning or experienced. Best Uses: Confirmation classes, Personal education, Praying the Rosary, Resource for Protestants; Cons: Wish it were longer; Pros: Chapters about prayers, Discussion of mysteries, Ecumenical character, Engaging style, Fascinating history info, Rosary variations

      Non-Catholic Rosary Lover

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