The Littlest Christmas Kitten

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  • Tender Children’s Christmas Story
  • Re-telling of the birth of Christ
  • Colorful, bold and playful illustrations
  • Fun and meaningful read-aloud for parents and grandparents
  • Book Achievement Award Winner

On this Holy Night, the animals are restless and excited as two strangers enter the stable. It will be a night remembered by all the animals, especially the cat family. This tender Christmas read-aloud story about the night Jesus was born will become a favorite for all children. In The Littlest Christmas Kitten, a little lost kitten falls asleep in the same manger the Christ Child will use for His bed. It is a rare child who can resist the animals, their sounds, and the straw-filled manger that were part of the first Christmas. In this re-telling of the birth of Christ, a mother cat searches frantically for her little lost kitten. Before the night is over there is the crying of a baby and angels singing His praises. Animal witnesses to the nativity are in awe as they pay homage to this special baby. The night’s events leave a lasting effect on all the animals, especially the cats. Cats have been part of the celebration of Christmas for centuries. Many stories, poems and songs are written about them. They are featured on Christmas cards and on decorations and ornaments. Here is the legend of why the cats remember this day. Winner of the Midwest Independent Publishers Association Book Achievement Award.

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  • Author: Leona Novy Jackson
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 32
  • 9 x 12 inches
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The Littlest Christmas Kitten