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The Living Stations of the Cross - I Thirst (CD)

The Living Stations of the Cross - I Thirst (CD)

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Product Description

  • Stations of the Cross CD
  • Spiritual & inspirational audio version
  • A heart-felt drama of Christ's passion
  • Features story & song
  • Great devotional tool
  • Produced by Audio Girl Ministries
  • Proceeds fund ultrasound machines for prenancy centers


The Living Stations of the Cross "I Thirst"  CD is a contemporary production of the popular Stations of the Cross devotion.  This audio CD uses eighteen gifted actors to narrate Our Lord's passion through story and music. This Christian audio devotional Stations of the Cross CD combines actor narration, vocalists, music, and instrumentation in a heartfelt spiritual meditation on the Passion of Christ. The listener journeys through all fourteen stations with Jesus,  from His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane to His body being laid in the tomb.  Each narrated meditation is followed by beautifully performed music.  A popular best-seller featuring high quality audio, a labor of love produced by two pro-life women with a heart for Jesus.  A great CD to share with friends and family, especially during the Lenten season.


Dimensions & Specifications

Living Stations of the Cross "I Thirst"  CD track:

1. Welcome - Our Father
2. The Agony in the Garden - Stay With Me
3. Station 1 - Jesus is Condemned to Death - Merciful God
4. Station 2 - Jesus Accepts His Cross - Come Follow Me
5. Station 3 - Jesus Falls the First Time - Here
6. Station 4 - Jesus Meets His Mother - Awesome, Holy Wonder
7. Station 5 - Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross - Mother Teresa
8. Station 6 - Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus - Cling to Me
9. Station 7 - Jesus Falls a Second Time - Climb Up Into the Light
10. Station 8 - Jesus Speaks to the Women of Jerusalem - What is Holy
11. Station 9 - Jesus Falls a Third Time - The Wind
12. Station 10 - Jesus is Stripped of His Clothes - Everything
13. Station 11 - Jesus is Nailed to the Cross - Were You There
14. Station 12 - Jesus Dies on the Cross - He Thirsts for Me
15. Station 13 - Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross - My Loving Son
16. Station 14 - Jesus is Laid in the Tomb - Amazing Grace

Language: English
Occasion: Lent / Easter
Format: CD

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Reviews - The Living Stations of the Cross - I Thirst (CD)

Average Customer Rating
(4.57/5 Stars, 7 Ratings) Based on 7 Reviews

not what I expected

Review: I returned this product because I was looking for prayers to accompany the stations.

Buy this CD!

Review: We LOVE this CD so much we buy it to give away as gifts! Even my kids listen to it which says a lot about its message. When I'm feeling sad or overwhelmed, I play this and it gets my head and heart in its proper place by reminding me God walks with me in my day to day life, as the characters in the story walked with Jesus towards Calvary. POWERFUL CD that will transform you and help you to feel God's love and peace. Buy it. You won't be disappointed -- and I am a VERY picky consumer.

Love This CD

Review: I really enjoy listening to this CD. It's a reminder of what Jesus did for all of us. It's a wonderful way to reflect on the Passion of Christ. Best Uses: Listen in your car, Not just for Easter, Reminder of God's Glory, Wind down at night; Pros: Great message, Great Music, Love It


Review: This CD of our Lord's Passion is something we play throughout the year. The actors, who portray characters in Scripture, put us right there with Jesus as He walks towards Calvary. It's filled with beautiful songs that perfectly complement the powerful story. I have given several away as gifts and EVERYONE LOVES it. I hope the producers record a Spanish version.

An Amazing Recording!

Review: My husband & I play this beautiful CD all the time but especially when we begin to forget how blessed we are. God loves us so much and this CD brings that message to life with superb re-enactments and gorgeous music. It's powerful and incredibly well done. And knowing that our purchase is also helping new moms and the unborn is icing on the cake. Buy this CD; you will end up buying more as gifts -- we did. Pros: Wonderful and Powerful

Brings God closer to us

Review: We bought three of these spectacular CDs. One CD we keep in the house. When we're feeling out of touch with God we play it and it immediately puts us in His presence. I also keep one CD at the office. And the third CD we keep in the car to listen to while running errands and while on long car trips. My kids have even uploaded it to their ipods. They especially love the music. It connects with three generations of our family as my mom also LOVES it. We hope they come out with other prayerful productions. Thank you to all involved in its creation - God is GREAT!

Great buy.

Review: Great to reflect on while driving. Best Uses: Travel companion; Pros: awesome
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