Madonna and Child with Crowns Italian Wood Statue - 12"

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  • Our Lady and the Christ Child crowned in regal splendor
  • They reach out to us in love
  • Full color, hand carved in wood
  • Gorgeous, unmatched detail 
  • Crafted in Italy by master artisans

This is an exquisite statue that will move you to prayer and inspire you to greater faith and virtue. Our Lady and the Christ Child are presented here in full color, crowned in all their glory. They reach out to you in love. This is exceptional Italian art. Every piece is carved from mountain wood that is dried over several years, painted, and decorated by hand with great love and care by Italian artisans. Then it is carefully checked and given its own certificate of authenticity. An extraordinary and memorable gift of faith and fine quality that will move you to greater love and prayer. Display it prominently to inspire everyone in your home.

  • 12" (H) 
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Wood
  • Made in Italy

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