Madonna of the Magnificat Florentine Plaque - 12"

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Savini - Lunghi
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  • Botticelli's Madonna of the Magnificat
  • Florentine plaque
  • Regal colors and gold leaf accents
  • Distinctive and holy art
  • Made in Italy
This distinctive plaque is made in the ancient Florentine style, with the richly colored image on European poplar wood. Generously applied gold leaf accents the outer edges. The design is refreshed, with a contemporary pattern of florals and swirls, so the image resembles an ancient tile with an antiqued gold border, but retains the artistic tradition of ages past. Inside the tondo, or "round window" is the beloved image of The Madonna of the Magnificat by Sandro Botticelli. In the richly colored image, Mary writes her Magnificat with one hand while holding the Christ Child and a pomegranate in the other. The pomegranate is said to symbolize the anatomy of the human heart and fertility, both important aspects of Mary's motherhood. This is a distinctive and unique plaque made in Italy and a wonderful accent for any sacred space.

  • 12.5"(H) x 12.5" (L) x 0.5" (D)
  • Wood, Gold Leaf, Paper
  • Made in Italy

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