Making a Holy Lent - 40 Meditations To Prepare You For The Church's Holiest Season

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Fr. William Casey, C.P.M.
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  • Making a Holy Lent: 40 Meditations To Prepare You For The Church's Holiest Season
  • 40 brief meditations in 7 chapters
  • Simple, profound, and beautiful
  • A gentle guide to focusing on what's important

Lent calls us to ponder the reality of Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers.

In these compelling pages, EWTN host Fr. Bill Casey turns our attention to Jesus in brief reflections on topics ranging from the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist to the role that the Blessed Virgin Mary plays in every healthy prayer life.

Drawing on years of experience as a retreat master and as a regular EWTN host, Father Casey leavens each of these holy topics with a refreshing dose of common sense. Not only is this book perfectly suited for your Lenten devotions; you will find yourself turning to it many times during the year to remind you of the ever-urgent need for repentance and rebirth.

Now is the right time for Making a Holy Lent.

Reading and praying over just one chapter a week will take you from the winter of Ash Wednesday to the spring of Easter, making this coming Lent the holiest you've ever experienced.

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  • 5 Apr 23rd 2019
    Lent companion book

    This is a great book to read, however I did not receive it until the week just before good Friday. Now I am reading it as a book to help me in everyday ways.


  • 5 Mar 21st 2019
    Puts your Faith in perspective!

    This text puts your Faith into perspective as it takes various ideas within the Faith and ties them together making the larger connections that I had been previously missing in my life. It's a life changer! As one who has never really observed Lent, Fr. Casey's reflections on Faith has filled me with so much inner peace and reverence. I hope this book is as big a blessing to your life as it has been mine!

    Patricia Martinez

  • 5 Mar 15th 2019
    Making A Holy Lent

    This is the perfect Lenten companion. I enjoy reading each section as a part of my morning prayer. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who desires to increase their prayer life during the Lenten season.

    Linda Viola

  • 5 Mar 8th 2019
    making a Holy Lent

    It has been a renewal of the basics that Lent is meant to be.

    Diane Dudek

  • 5 Mar 8th 2019
    Making a Holy Lent

    We Bought two of these books. We both are reading them not as the book says for Lent, stopping at each leaf print but as a regular book. We both are very pleased with this book. I have seen many of Fr. Caseys talks. He is true to the faith. I love what he says.

    Tim Raczek

  • 5 Mar 1st 2018

    This book was above my expectations, but everything I buy from The Catholic Company always is. Thank you!


  • 5 Feb 27th 2018
    Making a Successful Lent

    Perfect meditation guide to observing Lent.

    Steve Thatcher

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