Margaret Roper: Eldest Daughter of St. Thomas More

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  • Moving portrait of Margaret Roper
  • Eldest daughter of St. Thomas More
  • Her life outside of and in accompaniment of her father  
  • Informative, inspirational and intriguing story of her extraordinary life
  • Great read for those who enjoy biographies and Church history
Margaret Roper’s résumé is nothing if not impressive: a woman of wit and intelligence, a diligent student and competent scholar in the liberal arts, a faithful wife, mother, and Christian, and the favorite child of a saint and martyr, Thomas More.

With this moving portrait of More’s “mine own dear daughter” (originally published in 1960), E. E. Reynolds remedies a deficiency in both Christian biography and English history by providing a separate account of the life, thought, and legacy of Margaret Roper.

From her childhood at the Barge at Bucklersbury and her education and interactions with Erasmus and other prominent figures of the day, to her marriage with William Roper and their family life in Chelsea, to her accompaniment of her father through his ordeal in the Tower of London up to his martyrdom, Reynolds establishes Margaret Roper as a personality in her own right and a fascinating figure of history.
A smaller man might have resisted the efforts of a Cromwell; it needed the martyr’s heroism to resist the appeals of Margaret Roper. (Ronald Knox)

A well-crafted pendant to Reynolds’ Saint Thomas More: His Life and Works, Margaret Roper is an interesting and informative biography whose brevity in no way detracts from its quality.
An intriguing story of an extraordinary woman's life. 

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  • Author: E. E. Reynolds
  • 164 Pages
  • Paperback
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Margaret Roper: Eldest Daughter of St. Thomas More