Mealtime Blessings and Prayers for Catholic Families

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  • Creative ways to help families at mealtime
  • Prayers to help you grow closer to each other and the Lord
  • Invites children and parents to put God at the center of family time
  • Teaches kids to be comfortable praying aloud with others
  • Great family resource
This indispensable prayer booklet is filled with creative ways to help families grow closer to God and to one another at mealtimes. For easy use, the prayers have been organized into sections. Here you will find mealtime prayers and blessings for various ages, for everyday meals, and for special occasions. Prayer at mealtimes invites God to be part of the Catholic family. And it teaches children not only methods of prayer but the power of prayer as they grow in discipleship and love.

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  • Author: Lorene Hanley Duquin
  • Pages: 32
  • Format: Paperback 
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Bayard, INC.

Mealtime Blessings and Prayers for Catholic Families