Memorial Flameless Candles 7"

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  • 7" Memorial Flameless Candle
  • Chamber for a small memorial object
  • Large capacity battery holder
  • Weatherproof
  • Optional designs and colors

Express your thoughtful and endless devotion to a loved one with the electronic flameless candle. An improvement over the traditional 7-day wax graveside candle, this all-weather battery-operated candle will burn night and day, in all conditions, including snow and rain.


Mounts and anchors sold separately. Shop our entire collection of Flameless Memorial Candles and Accessories.



Dimensions & Specifications

  • Measures: 7"(H) x 4 1/4"(D)
  • Holds a minimum of one battery and a maximum of 5 size "D" batteries
  • Each battery will supply approximately 500 hours (three weeks)
  • Lifetime of light source- 10 to 11 years
  • Candle is covered by a 1 year factory warranty
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Memorial Flameless Candles 7"


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